Three Days Grace - Never Too Late (Official Music Video)

  • Published on:  10/2/2009
  • Three Days Grace's official music video for 'Never Too Late'. Click to listen to Three Days Grace on Spotify: featured on The Collection: Three Days Grace. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Play: from Three Days GraceAnimal I Have Become: Hate Everything About You: Three Days GraceWebsite: http://threedaysgraceofficial.tumblr....Subscribe to Three Days Grace on YouTube: great 00s videos here: world will never beWhat I expectedAnd if I don't belongWho would have guessed itI will not leave aloneEverything that I ownTo make you feel like it's not too lateIt's never too lateEven if I sayIt'll be alrightStill I hear you sayYou want to end your lifeNow and again we tryTo just stay aliveMaybe we'll turn it all around'Cause it's not too lateIt's never too late#ThreeDaysGrace#NeverTooLate#Vevo


  • Corrupted HxtredTM
    Corrupted HxtredTM 2 months ago+7191

    This is how many people listening in june 2019

  • Tamsey
    Tamsey 21 days ago+1501

    This is how many people listening in August 2019

  • angiee smile
    angiee smile 2 months ago+1712

    5 years ago I used to listen to this song and couldn't even imagine that it would be alright...but it did.
    It's never too late guys. I promise you

  • ladarris hargrove
    ladarris hargrove 4 days ago+17

    This is one of those songs that I never want to end because everytime it does, I have to go back to reality....

  • Joonie Luv
    Joonie Luv 2 years ago+2630

    I miss when music was like this 😔😖😶

  • kimberly s
    kimberly s 7 days ago+197

    This song was a big deal during my emo phase in '08.
    Still like it in '19

  • HieFX TM
    HieFX TM 28 days ago+677

    I miss those times where real rockstars exist like three days grace, linkin park etc... Really quality songs were these.

  • Lucie Bourdouxhe
    Lucie Bourdouxhe 2 days ago+20

    It happened to me. Very hard to keep the tears inside. I was 10. My father. It broke me.


    Let's get a adam come back in the chat

  • VarietyMusicLover
    VarietyMusicLover 3 years ago+2582

    this came out in 2006 and it's never too late to enjoy this one lol

  • Carlos Nolasco
    Carlos Nolasco 1 months ago+386

    if you're still listening to this in 2019 you have my respect!

  • Pedro Müller
    Pedro Müller 1 months ago+656

    54.000 coments and when i scroll throw them i see many people talking about how three days grace saved them from suicide.
    This band could to be considered a hero
    Edit: wow more than 1 like thats a miracle
    Edit2: You all don't need to like my comment. Like the video, they deserve.

  • Madison Foster
    Madison Foster yesterday+3

    Saw 3 days grace with breaking Benjamin on Saturday, I remember a few years ago how I was suicidal and how I felt like a disappointment, this song hits hard, I still scream every word, if it weren't for music I wouldn't be here today 🤘❤

  • Jaydyn The Wolf
    Jaydyn The Wolf 20 hours ago+2

    I crying and singing about this sad song, wait 2019? Everyone?

  • happy pop tart
    happy pop tart 2 years ago+2499

    Adam, please, for heaven's sake dont ever do the same as Chester did.

  • Mint_ Suga
    Mint_ Suga 14 days ago+203

    One of the many songs that made me put down the blade, throw away the pills, and burn the rope. One of the many songs that opened my mouth and screamed at the world for the first time in years, "I need help"

  • Emily Sierra
    Emily Sierra 7 days ago+83

    I remember when I was 12, this was my favorite music video.

  • sn0wzZz
    sn0wzZz 2 days ago+3

    I'm so grateful to all the music and all the artists who write lyrics so many people can relate to... Times are gonna be hard but when there's no people left around music's there... Thank you!

  • Alfaramz3
    Alfaramz3 22 hours ago+2

    three days grace was my number one favorite band, still is and I miss them so much. phew.

  • Ronee Newton
    Ronee Newton 2 years ago+3066

    I wonder how many lives this song has saved. 👊💪💪✌