The Notebook - Because You Loved Me

  • Published on:  11/13/2007
  • ... Noah and Allie :)*no copyright infringement intended*


  • JRC 71
    JRC 71  5 years ago+4

    "It was real wasn't it? You and me, we were just a couple of kids. Such a long time ago, but we really loved each other, didn't we? NOAH

  • vanessa marvell
    vanessa marvell 4 years ago+9

    for all the wrong you made right

  • Panagiotis Aggelonitis
    Panagiotis Aggelonitis 4 years ago+2

    The notebook is perfect and sexy

  • Valerie Denver
    Valerie Denver 4 years ago+2

    perfect mix in my opinion!!!!

  • Jamie L Sowders
    Jamie L Sowders 2 years ago+6

    To my Beautiful Wife. ILoveyou Now and Forever 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • Panagiotis Aggelonitis
    Panagiotis Aggelonitis 4 years ago+2

    I'm from alexandroupoli and my name is panagiotis aggelonitis
    The notebook is perfect

  • Victorial Vick
    Victorial Vick 4 years ago+4

    O notboock as msgem que transmitem atraves da musica é tão romantico incentiva com tenhas uma ideia pra a rencilhação amorosa. A reeacriatividade é simplismente lindoo...

  • Linda Manns
    Linda Manns 2 years ago+7

    I never realized how some people interpret songs. This was just dedicated to me from my niece who I'm adopting because she lived a terrible life and has cerebral palsy on top of the abuse and neglect that she endured for 21 years of her life.. I prove to her that there is no such word as can't and to never forget Reach for the Stars period so special and so beautiful from a young lady fairy God bless you Kelly throughout your life and I will always be a side you through thick and thin. You are my real daughter and the reason I look forward to getting up every morning. I love you more than life itself.. love Mom

  • Ana Sofia
    Ana Sofia 4 years ago+1

    Linda ......

  • Janice Lyons
    Janice Lyons 4 years ago+4

    " Because You Loved Me"................ Speechless!!

  • Allen Rigor
    Allen Rigor 2 years ago+3

    to one and only one my baby

  • Su Oi
    Su Oi 4 years ago+2

    Sweetest song for a loving person to have 🍀

  • alloush mohammed
    alloush mohammed 3 years ago+1

    Fantastic song

  • Jamie L Sowders
    Jamie L Sowders 2 years ago+4

    I absolutely De dedicate This Song To my Only My beautiful wife 😄😄

  • KAzIm ARmaN
    KAzIm ARmaN 4 years ago+2

    Because your Love is pure...

  • MrTrick66
    MrTrick66 5 years ago


  • Sandy Nicol
    Sandy Nicol 5 years ago

    Good choice of song for the clip- nice one :-)

  • Marcia Carter
    Marcia Carter 5 years ago

    me an my hs sweetheart are back together after 6 years on and off for 19 years I love him he is my best friend lover soulmate. I love him now more than ever and it was amazing when we locked eyes again after so long. He still makes me feel like a school girl. Xoxo love you Patrick!!!

  • R P
    R P 5 years ago

    Amazing movie!!!!

  • angel bivins
    angel bivins 5 years ago+2

    wow, i am actually crying my eyes out right now and i hope me and my 1/15/13 last forever! I love this movie!!