Emily Blunt Wishes John Krasinski Would Be Less American | The Graham Norton Show



  • Watersports
    Watersports 2 months ago+4860

    Why am i always waiting for John krazinski to look at the camera and do a face

  • jap906
    jap906 a years ago+5924

    Seeing how Hollywood marriages hold up, I hope these two never separate. They compliment each other so well.

  • Lord Snow
    Lord Snow a years ago+3175

    Oh dude i want my marriage to be just like this

  • Tony G
    Tony G 2 months ago+1673

    Is that Tom Holland just chilling on the right?

  • v1d300
    v1d300 a years ago+5017

    1:44 The way Emily Blunt just commands "... you look great....."
    We know whos the boss.

  • Angela Davidson
    Angela Davidson a years ago+2072

    John defending Americans is the best 😂

  • Aymen Hussain
    Aymen Hussain a years ago+1424

    "It's worse than the film, and then an AMERICAN came out of her!"🤣

  • SaiyanHeretic
    SaiyanHeretic 2 months ago+606

    These two need to be cast as Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman.

  • rockblue01
    rockblue01 a years ago+3702

    Coolest hollywood couple. Closely followed by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

  • Brandon Caudill
    Brandon Caudill 2 months ago+539

    And then Steve Carrell showed up and said "John, is that a tweed cap?"
    And John said "why yes, Steve, it is."
    And Steve said "I FEEL THE NEED..... theneedfortweed."

  • Vdhhshs Hshskd
    Vdhhshs Hshskd 8 months ago+890

    Tom looks so lonely and wierd without the Avengers Cast

  • thousand foot deep end
    thousand foot deep end a years ago+1501

    John: 'What does that say about your country, that its, like, "If you just lose the baseball hat, get a tweed cap: 👌".'
    Emily: '"Just wear tweed", that's what it says.'
    John: buys tweed baseball cap Your move, Britain.

  • NYmarissa
    NYmarissa a years ago+1878

    “Just wear TWEED!” 😂

  • Andrea Ac
    Andrea Ac a years ago+869

    I’m wondering what the Custom agent is saying right now.

  • sfex9
    sfex9 a years ago+4705

    When your spouse supports you wearing a baseball cup... Idk I'm teary eyed

  • Niamh Speirs
    Niamh Speirs a years ago+980

    I actual love the way John looks at Emily 😍

  • Thormod
    Thormod a years ago+231

    Emily Blunt has resting "are you serious?" face. xD

  • Bennie the Pooh
    Bennie the Pooh a years ago+3629

    Who knew emily blunt and graham norton were so prejudiced :p

  • Mason Nightingale
    Mason Nightingale 2 months ago+144

    An American went in
    And a couple Americans came out

  • CrImSoN1708
    CrImSoN1708 a years ago+605

    I'd be like that rude guy if I ever met Jason Sudeikis. "YOU?! Olivia Wilde and........ YOU?!?!"