Chris Rock's Opening Monologue

  • Published on:  3/23/2016
  • Host Chris Rock at the 88th Oscars® in 2016.


  • OFEK HAIM 1 years ago

    I can not believe he is 54 years oldHe looked 30 years old

  • NEGUS MBARKA 5 days ago

    OFEK HAIM he has been able to keep himself oh and mind you he isnt drowning his skeleton with donut yeast and sugary icings

  • Scott Dawson 5 months ago

    crowd getting so uncomfortable good on you chris!

  • Camren Brown 10 hours ago

    @Hanz Flackshnack I wouldn't call you a racist. I'd just say the fact that you feel it's appropriate and have the audacity to say half of the things you've said thus far in this comment section just screems white privilege. The fact is you don't understand. And that's because of white privilege and because you choose to remain uninformed. The fact that you have a black wife doesn't really mean much. That's not something you can use for defense to try to prove that you're not racist or don't indulge in ...

  • Dimitri L. Clark. 6 days ago

    You. You got uncomfortable. Yes just you.

  • Kofi Ossei 6 months ago

    ‘Lose another job to Kevin Hart’ ... two years later Kev loses his job as a Oscar host. This aged well

  • Ek'Aay Cloudyoni 29 days ago

    @Joshua Frick 🤨🤔 dam when you put like that so the host of the Oscars is a stalker

  • Angel Messtanoffski 6 months ago

    Chris Rock attacking racism with what he does best: Humor!

  • NEGUS MBARKA 5 days ago


  • Ahmad Weaver 5 months ago

    “How come it’s always unemployed people who tell you to quit something, huh” 😂😂😂😂😂, Chris Rock has had the best opening by far

  • NEGUS MBARKA 5 days ago

    Ahmad Weaver integrity should tell you to quit

  • denzelsnipes69 2 months ago

    @Dubbzvs Paul I've had an unemployed person tell me that too! Saying I need to stop working for the white man...

  • T.Bayram 6 months ago

    He lowkey roasted every single star in there and they didnt even get it

  • I A N 3 days ago

    Andrea Mendenhall all other nationalities other than Americans are underpresented but you don’t hear us complain lol they nominate base on performance not race 👌

  • JAY HORN FILMS 4 months ago

    The balls it takes to roast Hollywood's elite, on the most important night of the year, is genius.

  • Loonatick 5 days ago

    @Jeremiah Couch stfu, bitch. Race traitor piece of shit.

  • Jeremiah Couch 5 days ago

    @Loonatick go suck off trump u racist bigot.aint nobody trying to take over your country,nobody has to trump is doing a perfectly fine job destroying it himself,with help from Putin,and Netanyahu.hard to see straight when your an ignorant racist

  • The Sentinel 5 months ago

    " jamie foxx was so good in ray they went to the hospital and unplugged the real ray charles , we don't need two of these ." lol

  • Richard Rice 5 months ago

    I appreciate chris for exposing Hollywood like this

  • Samantha Thompson 3 months ago

    Only Chris Rock gets to pull this off and walk away as if it never was truthful. Real hardcore truth using humour. Who's still here 2019