Galaxy Note 9 - ALMOST Perfect..

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Oğuz Kadıoğlu 10 months ago

    Samsung: Galaxy note 9 comes with a custom fortnite skin!Linus: *gets pubg as sponsor*

  • fail dog 12 days ago

    mjc0961 I don’t mind them not talking about fortnite

  • Hey I like memes oof 3 months ago


  • Tech Urdu.PK 10 months ago

    Why i am watching this i am poor

  • X el 12 days ago

    It's been 8months now I am having battery problem 🙈🙈

  • Olly Sharp 16 days ago

    Now you can buy a samsung a40

  • Zack Grimstone 10 months ago

    *iPhone User:* That's not possible!*Samsung:* You have no idea what's possible

  • Joe Storer 2 days ago

    @Saad Muin uh oh retarded person here

  • EDS2314 9 months ago

    My Note 9 is absolutely incredible. Best phone I've ever owned.

  • Kevin Albert 20 days ago

    I bought it yesterday sooo idk

  • ohnoitschris 2 months ago

    I got mine for a good dealI want this phone to last me a decade. It's one of the only newer phones WITHOUT a notch or holepunch or something ridiculous.

  • Deividas Gedgaudas 10 months ago

    Switched to Note 9 (128GB) from S7 Edge and I'm in love. Last Note i had was the 4th one and for two years I always missed my s-pen. This phone is actually as good as everyone says..

  • Aust¡ 11 days ago

    bruh wtf me too

  • Raj Karmakar 1 months ago

    I am poor i will get a 2nd hand one

  • Alex X 10 months ago

    It's hilarious that we've entered an era when headphone jacks are now features.

  • Armağan Şengül 2 months ago

    Thanks to Apple! :(

  • James Gmx 6 months ago

    Most people like to wear earbuds and not large cans when out in the world. If bluetooth earbuds gave you 10 hours of battery life, I could see the argument for phasing out the jack, but they are nowhere near that capability at this time.

  • Juul Blom 7 months ago

    I dont know why there is still a fight between android and apple because apple isnt even relevant anymore

  • Silent Glitch 37 minutes ago

    @Zokersghost that's only because regards like you actually buy their half assed products

  • Kazi Ovi 4 hours ago

    @Zokersghost Apple is not even in the top 3 smartphone manufacturer. Are dumb? By saying Android you're meaning all other companies like Samsung, Huawei, xiaomi, LG,sony Motorola, Nokia together luul.

  • Ivan Sakantsau 7 months ago

    I just switch to Samsung Notes9 after 14 years using apple ....Guys ...i love it

  • Kazi Ovi 4 hours ago

    @Red Hood but you can do a lot of of things with android. You're the admin of your phn. Flashing custom Roms, launchers, widgets and all this is nearly impossible in IPhones. That's why he said tech savy

  • Joe Storer 2 days ago

    Happy ascension

  • Perik Malik 9 months ago

    There is no rival , the note 9 is the highest evolution smart phone of the world ,it's perfect,,......

  • rgtrooper13 29 days ago

    @Crystal Elite ITS A JOKE YOU IDIOT

  • forti tude 1 months ago

    @just a random educated human no

  • Rit Jokeriam 10 months ago

    “Did it explode...nein”..note nein 😂🤣

  • Edward Mendel 2 months ago

    At least doesn't shock the users like Apple.

  • SSchithFoo 2 months ago

    I C what u did der