Helicopter Crash Lands on New York City Skyscraper

  • Published on:  6/10/2019
  • Just before 2 p.m. Monday, a helicopter was reported to have crashed on top of an office building at 51st Street and 7th Avenue. The City of New York issued an emergency notification just after the crash was reported and alerted citizens to expect road closures. No other details have been provided. The building where the crash occurred is just outside of Times Square. A witness reported hearing a loud sound and then seeing flames and smoke billowing from the top of the building.


  • State Responders 1 months ago

    This kinda did remind me of September 11.

  • PINK 23 days ago

    Without planes.

  • State Responders 24 days ago

    Mrbeast6000 it’s the same thing you dumbass

  • BTSFOREVER💜 1 months ago

    This is pretty sad. I was at work when this happened and it showed up in the news. People were freaking out fearing it could be another attack. I mean like who wouldn’t be scared.

  • Yianni C. Mavrikos 1 months ago

    I can totally understand peoples fears in this it makes perfect sense. RIP to the Air Pilot. Be safe NYC ❤

  • slouchin brayden 1 months ago

    @Big Baboon it was ages ago there's no point moaning over it u can't turn back time

  • JJX22 1 months ago

    Thank you! The only news source that gets straight to the point.

  • XPECTED 26 days ago

    This is better than CNN,

  • patrick piel 1 months ago

    when their not lying

  • Ryan Hanson 1 months ago

    I think we all know the memories it brings us. 🙏🏻

  • ILogic 1 23 days ago

    Mahad Malik come on my friend, it was the most famous towers they got, these terrorists came and destroyed one of the most famous buildings, what do you expect? If you were there on that time, or if you were them, you would feel

  • Mahad Malik 26 days ago

    Your so 2001

  • RandomnessTube 1 months ago

    The pilot put it on the roof of a building this could have been a lot worse no doubt he saved more lives.

  • noah ; 23 days ago

    IconicGaming ur dad is fat

  • IconicGaming 25 days ago

    Josue Palomares explain

  • Aoife 1 months ago

    Thankfully it landed on a building not on the street where it could have killed dozens of people❤️RIP to the pilot he didn’t deserve to die this way but as lease he wasn’t in a hospital bed suffering day after day,he died doing what he loved flying helicopters. Rest in peace you will be remembered and missed 😔❤️😔

  • NiBBer 24 days ago

    Claire Mullin it is funny 😂

  • Thiefs 1 25 days ago

    LiquidCow lmaooooo

  • Ashley Jenkins 1 months ago

    That's kinda depressing.

  • Semper-In-Angaria 1 months ago

    6/10 Never Forget!!

  • NiBBer 24 days ago

    Ms. Surething 🤡

  • Youre gay 25 days ago

    @Thisaroberry r/woooosh*

  • Jiren 1 months ago

    Hasn’t NY suffered enough

  • No enemies 25 days ago


  • DIVINES LEGACY 25 days ago

    jada New York is now one of the safest cities in the us, it used to be way worse, crime in the us has dropped severely since the 1990’s.

  • Salisha Angel 1 months ago

    This makes me remember 9/11

  • Thiefs 1 25 days ago

    Salisha Angel LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

  • Thiefs 1 25 days ago

    Not XpertThief LMFAOOOOOOOOO