• Published on:  9/16/2018


  • Jordan Shrinks 10 months ago

    Do you need a second mom?

  • Katie 10 months ago


  • Jeniferr Lopez 10 months ago

    Me: surprising mom with McDonalds

  • Victoria Walker 10 months ago

    I surprise my grandma (she raised me, so she's like my mom) with her favorite desserts. I would love to buy her dream car for her, but buying her a cupcake with a card expressing my love and gratitude for her makes her just as happy!*Money does not buy happiness*

  • Di5a5t3r 10 months ago

    Oh, you can afford McDonalds? That must me nice

  • cameron alexander 10 months ago

    she really just bought herself a lamborghini, her mom a new porsche, went on a $20,000 shopping spree and is about to buy a new house.*_i am so poor and sad.._*

  • an0n xx 9 months ago

    @glenda sabo Absolutely. Sorry if I mistook you. I agree, if you're going to purchase a Lambo you might as well buy new, but let's be honest she can't afford new which is why she leased it. Lol. My bffs dad is a surgeon. He has 9 cars, all were brand new, three are Ferraris and not one is leased. That's not counting his motorcycles. He was dirt poor as a kid. Some people worked hard and can afford that life, this girl cant even after sucking old men off and showing her ass to desperate men. She just pr...

  • glenda sabo 9 months ago

    @an0n xx I am not into material things. I don't own a credit card, pay with cash, never shop at malls and nothing like this bleached, bobbed bimbo. How you got that from me being responsible is beyond me. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to make it thru life. And my son is a rocket scientist engineer for GE. I think you read the first post wrong. I was answering someone else . It was saying she purchased a used car....she should have got a new or nothing. But she wanted it for col...

  • jas 10 months ago

    that facetime video clearer than my eyesight

  • Andy Oaks 10 months ago

    Sad because it's literally clearer than my eyesight, sadboihours.

  • Thomas 10 months ago

    they must have some nice ass internet

  • ItsJustMikee 10 months ago

    I love how Trisha always does such nice things for her mum what a Queen

  • outdoorgames  9 months ago

    +ItsJustMikee Fake tanned white women are fine asf

  • an0n xx 9 months ago

    @Midlife Menopausal Mukbangs Again her moron fans will never use even the littlest bit of common sense.

  • wigconic 10 months ago

    Me : Can't relate **laughs in poor**

  • Pricilla Ruiz 10 months ago

    Funniest comment and picture hahaha

  • DontYouJuana 10 months ago

    This literally made me laugh out loud lol

  • DAYJA 10 months ago

    Wow goals the only thing I can surprise my mom with is my grades

  • DAYJA 9 months ago

    Jazmine Arizala “because they suck” does that not answer that lmao

  • Jazmine Arizala 9 months ago

    DAYJA and they’re probably bad grades too huh

  • Johnny Doe 10 months ago

    I surprised my mom with a candy bar. She still loved it tho

  • Fe C. 10 months ago

    My kids surprised with a cheerios necklace from the school's project for mother's day, I have 4 from my 4 kids 😍😍😍💁🏼‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️💁🏻‍♀️

  • Laurie Siro 10 months ago

    Johnny Doe uu

  • Aycan Diamond 10 months ago


  • Haxeno 10 months ago

    Aycan Diamond me too plz :(

  • Kevin Mendez 10 months ago

    Next Video: “IM BANKRUPT”

  • MissKimmyJ97 Seriously the Porsche was $22,000 & she traded the Vette for the Lambo so that’s it!

  • Tania John 10 months ago

    Kevin Mendez not if u keep watching