Audible gasps as Matthew Whitaker clashes with chairman

  • Published on:  2/8/2019
  • Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker tells House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler that his "five minutes are up" when asked if President Trump ever requested that Whitaker take action against special counsel Robert Mueller. #CNN#News#Whitaker


  • Don Morris
    Don Morris 1 months ago+105

    Nadler is a joke.

  • Vic Toza
    Vic Toza 3 months ago+243

    "Audible gasps"? More like laughter. Once again, CNN gets it wrong.

  • B K
    B K 5 months ago+86


  • Sensei Kurt on the #Harpazzo / #Rapture

    "I see your five minute is up!" lol

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776 6 months ago+158

    Matt Whitaker is still being investigated for being involved in a Ponzi Scheme. How can anyone take this scam artist seriously? Ah, that's right, he was picked by the king conman himself, Trump.

  • JFK
    JFK 6 months ago+39

    That was hilarious when he said...I believe your 5 minutes are up.... Come on now that was priceless...regardless of who was grand standing. We know they all.... do it.

  • OV 3
    OV 3 14 days ago+18

    I'll say it again, Whitaker's THE MAN 🇺🇸

  • Danny Bare
    Danny Bare 3 months ago+213

    Nadler looks like he’s been embalmed and removed from his casket.

  • Thomas Croteau
    Thomas Croteau 3 months ago+180

    Nadler's 5 minutes was up decades ago.

  • MrAmc1291
    MrAmc1291 2 months ago+142

    Nadler is one of many people in Congress a prime example of why we need term limits. We should not have career politicians.

  • Larry Garner
    Larry Garner 3 months ago+50

    Nadler is a con and a liar I would like 2 see his tax returns

  • Randy S
    Randy S 3 months ago+121

    Nadler is driving the Democrats right over a cliff with this and his Barr hearing.
    Trump is going to win re-election easily.

  • Daryl Younger
    Daryl Younger 3 months ago+51

    I love this guy Whittaker....he treats no nuts Nadler with total contempt like he deserves.

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 6 months ago+757

    Whitaker looks like he should be door security at a night club

  • Lucas Alan
    Lucas Alan 2 months ago+71

    I CANNOT watch this circus, they should be led out back exit. WE NEED TERM LIMITS!!! ASAP

  • Sally Hillal
    Sally Hillal yesterday

    Our government is a top to bottom crime gang.

  • Isaac T.
    Isaac T. 3 months ago+24

    Nadler: "You cannot repeat forever that the President might want to use executive privilege."
    Whitaker: "Wanna see me do it again ?"

  • See it!
    See it! 3 months ago+18

    Just when you think the Democrats and MSNBC can't get any lower...they do! How low they can go?

  • The Fibler
    The Fibler 6 months ago+164

    Just 6 month's ago this clown was involved in a scam selling bathtubs to elderly people. The company he was involved with had to pay a 12 million dollar fine. How and the hell did he get this job??????

  • Patrick Bass
    Patrick Bass 3 months ago+62

    Matt Whitakers' performance is a masterpiece!!! He did exactly what he was hired to do: irritate the crap out of Nadler and the Dims!!!