• Published on:  6/16/2018
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  • ashley778909 (Jun 16, 2018)

    Imagine being rich enough to film a music video at the Louvre.

  • Trump V Obama (12 hours ago)

    I mean 69 drop 500k on his vid

  • Henry Rodriguez (3 days ago)

    Imagine not giving a fuck bout these pieces of trash

  • Betul KOKBUDAK (1 day ago)

    Moi qui revient écouter la musique, choqué après la vidéo de seb

  • lude motivation (1 hour ago)

    La même chose bien sur

  • Paul Imbaud (1 hour ago)

    Tellement c'est ouf

  • a p o s t r o p h e (2 days ago)

    When you can't even afford a plane ticket + a ticket for the Louvre 😂

  • Paige Spence (Feb 9, 2019)

    Blue ivy these people are your parents

  • Ajant Smith (1 day ago)

    +Adam febriyant blue ivy isn't some ratchet thot she doesn't talk like that peasant.

  • Adam febriyant (2 days ago)

    Blue Ivy: yas bitch!

  • Idk man (Feb 7, 2019)

    Imagine being so rich you can rent out the effing louvre ....

  • Gabdongi Park (1 day ago)

    If you do it a night or when the Louvre is closed (once a week) it might be okay. Furthermore, the popularity of the Louvre increase thanks to this.

  • CaSandra Anderson (1 day ago)

    Well they both work hard so they can do that. Because it there money honey, 🤗

  • Lamborghini (Jun 17, 2018)

    "Fast like a #Lamborghini". Well said Beyoncé

  • HKS (17 hours ago)

    Well said Migos* is better

  • Ron M (18 hours ago)

    Gift me a lambo

  • Mari Monroe (Feb 6, 2019)

    This looks like a queen with her king not a king and his queen

  • eqe2e23e (1 hour ago)

    +tinktinp is africa mentioned anywhere? the video was made in france and authors are american.

  • advice4u (14 hours ago)

    +Henry Rodriguez It's always someone with the name Rodriguez, Hernandez, Reves, Lopez or some shit that says stupid shot like this. STFU and go back to Jennifer Lopez' page if you don't like what you see here🖕🏿

  • Ermine Benjamin (Jan 30, 2019)

    Beyonces not even a rapper yet she raps better than rappers .#legend

  • J Javier (3 hours ago)

    +Nasiem Ashruf these are the Migos lyrics 😅😅

  • AzenKA (1 day ago)


  • Ana Britos (Feb 4, 2019)

    Beyonce steals the whole video, she is insanely passionate and has a HUGE personality. I like her very much, she's a very hardworking woman and just gets sh*t done, everything is golden when it comes to her. Really a great role model and inspiration, she's super dope.

  • daretobelieve7 (1 day ago)

    and here we have an amazing example of how to compliment a woman without focusing only on her looks <3

  • Super track ....

  • Nasiem Ashruf (Feb 6, 2019)

    Cardi B and nicky minaj should be happy beyonce doesn’t rap to often because she can even rap well mumbling a little bit but still

  • Gesus Byant (11 hours ago)

    +Alexter Pengiran cardi also has no talent so I don't see the point ur tryin to make. And before you start, it is the general consensus among people with ears that Invasion of Privacy is shit

  • Nasiem Ashruf (2 days ago)

    Alexter Pengiran i disagree nicki has some lyrics but cardi is just more likeable