Why Blame Team India For The World Cup Loss? | The Debate With Arnab Goswami

  • Published on:  7/12/2019
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  • Jay
    Jay 1 months ago+97

    Really waste of time ... why can’t we discuss more abt water crisis in India ... how many agree !!

  • Tajinder Singh
    Tajinder Singh 1 months ago+49

    Virat always fails in knockout match. That should be question. Why dhoni , dhoni had made us proud many times. Respect for dhoni sir.

  • Jay Er
    Jay Er 1 months ago+60

    Panel is shit.. should have got cricketers who would have had better insight into technicalities.

  • Abhijit Roy
    Abhijit Roy 1 months ago+19

    Don't understand contribution of Shastri. He is paid so much but I don't understand how he is supporting the team . There is always a collapse of batting.

  • Athira A
    Athira A 1 months ago+56

    It's not one bad game. It's years of bad planning bad captaincy biased selection. Still Noone is there to question anyone on team means high politics in cricket with power always escaping scrutiny even when whole nation knows what exactly happened

  • Sampath Kumar
    Sampath Kumar 1 months ago+16

    How come management not responcebul, sending Dhoni at 7

  • Ananda m
    Ananda m 1 months ago+12

    Selection committee should be blamed. Rayudu should be in the team for 4th place. MSK Prasad played politics against Rayudu.

  • Pranjal
    Pranjal 1 months ago+6

    It’s more about kohli mentality in the team. His choice of players, his choice of coaches...there’s huge difference Rohit brings in as a captain . I understand people fail to agree to these but that’s the fact.

  • Goutam Das
    Goutam Das 1 months ago+79

    Why can't we ask questions to the players ? Virat failed miserably again in a knockout WC match

  • Piyush Sumera
    Piyush Sumera 1 months ago+3

    The Problem with our media and our people is that they label Indian Cricket team as"Undoubtedly the Best Cricket team" but that is not true, Indian team has improved over last 15 years and they are great team but not invincible like Australia of late 90s-2007.. Our problem is we literally decide before tournament that It is India who is going to win and other teams are just to make numbers,Kohli is good but not the chasemaster which our media potrays him, Dhoni is good but he is not that great finisher as we label him, so the problem is in our narrative. INDIAN team was good for SF spot and they reached there, Case closed.

  • Rajesh Rao
    Rajesh Rao 1 months ago+9

    They should be questioned and the coach's duty is to train the middle order to win games from tricky situations. The top order won us all the games and the middle order did not contribute at all and when it comes to pressure situation the middle order couldnt manage 240 runs in 50 overs. Why did they move to a division II team suddenly. 240 runs against NZ is not a big ask. The bowlers had done their job. Had it been 340 runs against any sides it would have been a big ask.

  • varma kali
    varma kali 1 months ago+5

    Looks like all these speakers are die hard fans of Virat Kohli and have become blind. The truth is it’s one man VKohli who let whole nation bow down with shame. And no one in the country even BCCI selectors can question King Kohli and go against him. Everyone knows that it’s captain that selects his 15 member squad and not the selectors. Selectors just give the possible options and they are like puppets in Virat’s hand. Today Virat has played so many politics & favoritism and selected incompetent & inexperienced friends and ended the career of Genuine experienced players. Even captain has to be accountable for all the controversies & composition of final 11. Otherwise it will be like monarch or dictatorship. In this World Cup India hardly won couple of matches convincingly. Almost all teams are weak and winning against them gave the impression that we were perfect team. But the fact is we were not tested really till that Semifinal which exposed our weakness of winning from top order collapse. They never addressed that issue bcs of Virat’s never ending experimentation ( even till WC Semis), lack of trust in experienced players , unable to access the real ability of players , picking up his favorite inexperienced T20 players from IPL and RCB etc.. We would have definitely won if he picked Rayudu for #4 position .. Vijay played just 9 matches, Pant 4 matches and Rahul around 15 ODIs before the WC and 5 Wicket keepers in the team ( Dhoni, Pant, DK, KL Rahul, Kedar ) . Bcs of these foolish selections by Kohli, we never deserved to win the WorldCup. Saying 45 mins of bad cricket is rubbish .. If one looses Gold\Silver\bronze medals by 2-3 secs in Olympics running race, do we say just 2-3 secs if bad running that costed us the olympics .. Actually bad planning and lack of preparation is the real reason we lost the WC .. And our team was never ready to handle tough & high pressure situations. Hence the WC debacle & humiliation for the entire nation ...

  • Gulshan Sharma
    Gulshan Sharma 1 months ago+17

    As a captain virat kohli tense very early starts shouting and scolding every player. He is not at all fit for handling pressure.

  • RAMANA Chandra sekhar yeleti NANNA

    Please change name from
    Team india to team north india
    Bcci to Bccni.
    One day definitely revolution for separate south India.,just wait.

  • Ramanathan N
    Ramanathan N 1 months ago+2

    Indian cricket in political...y select mayank agarval.....rakane 2d player open & 4 plase.....rayudu 4 plase...kohli good player...but very very very poor....

  • S Sekhar
    S Sekhar 1 months ago+4

    If you discriminate good players like Rayudu & select 3d players like shankar, such thing bound to happen. My view is Rayudu was kept out to play Rahul in the team, who is hardly a confident player & inducted as he is in goodbook of kohli & shankar was just the red herring. The competency of Kohli as a captain will fall apart, once Dhoni retires. Let us make Rohit captain, he has shown his mettle as captain in IPL.

  • Prabhas Bhaumick
    Prabhas Bhaumick 1 months ago+5

    The reality of the india team is except rohit kohli and dhoni no one has the ability to make even a 150 run match to chase.

  • Fox Trot
    Fox Trot 1 months ago+12

    These two women are clueless !!! This is an example of why India is so weak in any sport including cricket, because like this debate, or lack of it, its a f-ing CHAOS !

  • Ak M
    Ak M 1 months ago+16

    We need to seriously assess the ability of the cricket team selectors who selected V. Shankar, Pant and M Agrawal over Raydu.
    Selecting inexperienced over experienced is a big concern and a bit smell of conspiracy 🤔😉👍🏻

  • Hemant Mehta
    Hemant Mehta 1 months ago+12

    Indian team have disappointed us. Very capable team to chase 240 score. They failed us due to overconfidence, careless approach or something else.