Build Secret Underground house

  • Published on:  4/21/2019
  • Build Secret Underground house


  • Peyton Schwiebert
    Peyton Schwiebert 4 months ago+205

    At this point, these guys have an entire city built of houses just to themselves...

  • Kim Rodgers
    Kim Rodgers 3 months ago+102

    These new Minecraft graphics are amazing.

  • Fast Solution
    Fast Solution 4 months ago+323

    The most hard working YouTubers...

  • The Major
    The Major 4 months ago+288

    A thousand years from now, there are going to be some seriously confused archeologists.

  • Mr jcob
    Mr jcob 4 months ago+20

    Builders: building house in 80 days
    2 random guys: building Temple in 1-3 days
    Builders: OwO

  • chthulu27
    chthulu27 4 months ago+83

    I love these guys. Clearly it must take days to do all of this, but their methods are so simple and yet so effective. It really is impressive what you can accomplish with some sweat and a little know-how.

  • GamingDragon
    GamingDragon 3 months ago+33

    Me and the boys playing minecraft and our pic breaks and there are no trees so we imporvise:

  • 삼갑
    삼갑 4 months ago+183

    that's looks better than my house

  • Unelevated Fool
    Unelevated Fool 3 months ago+17

    10 years from now *building white White House replica underground (with water/electricity/ and other utilities)

  • adam mac
    adam mac 4 months ago+129

    Want your secret underground Roman Temple to be a pool?
    Just add water! 😏

  • GFunkelicious _
    GFunkelicious _ 3 months ago+24

    meanwhile they are building masterpieces and im sitting on my ass playing fortnite and watching youtube videos of how good people are with their hands and contemplating whether i should write in the comments of the video or actually go out and make a masterpiece but i have wasted too much time commenting when I could use that time getting dubs in fortnite....

  • Miriam Gaspar
    Miriam Gaspar 2 months ago+7

    They would be the best at making playgrounds/playhouses

  • Trish WSmom
    Trish WSmom 2 months ago+4

    Imagine a livestream of the entire project. I keep imagining that they bring in bulldozers and backhoes between cuts....LOL...These guys are amazing.

  • Walter Wilmer
    Walter Wilmer 2 months ago+7

    Much Respect these guys have skills! We better take heed one day we all might have to roll like that. If you don't take the Mark! You'll get it later!

  • heavy impact
    heavy impact 4 months ago+13

    A place to drown when it rains hard.

  • Pitch Fork Productions
    Pitch Fork Productions 4 months ago+37


  • p2diddy
    p2diddy 4 months ago+13

    5:20 that’s what good Mac and cheese sounds like

  • Wøłfie Płãyž
    Wøłfie Płãyž 1 months ago+5

    1955: ”I bet in 2019 there will be flying cars!
    2019: Makes a temple without builders

  • chak_en
    chak_en 4 months ago+9

    4:00 dirt you have been a bad boy!!!

  • Purple purple Puppy

    They are so talented this is one of my new favourite channels