Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods! Impressive..



  • Irwin lee
    Irwin lee 5 months ago+1324

    They probably didn't give you an s10 because your name is everythingapplepro
    (IT'S A JOKE)

  • Welcome back to the Chan Chan

    Apple will charge 199$ for a box of i chocolate.

  • Matthew Spinazze
    Matthew Spinazze 5 months ago+410

    Very fair drop test
    Airpods: drop straight down
    Samsung: throw slightly upwards with an intense spin

  • Willem Rustigeberg
    Willem Rustigeberg 5 months ago+667

    "dunks them in a pool for 10 secs" 'Oh im worried they might not survive sweat.'

  • HD49
    HD49 5 months ago+525

    The music doesn't pause automatically because you were using the iPhone

  • Hector Soto
    Hector Soto 5 months ago+1268

    "I'm scared that they aren't sweat proof"
    Dude you continuously ran them under water. Nobody sweats like that.

  • whataderk
    whataderk 5 months ago+186

    They didn’t give you a demo phone because you are a Apple fanboy. Lol 😂

  • Shannooty
    Shannooty 5 months ago+123

    "don't splash them from the bottom"
    proceeds to splash them from the bottom
    surprised they are damaged

  • Su Yini
    Su Yini 5 months ago+81

    so nobody is going to talk about how impressive his skipping was... 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Nafee Ahnaf Siraj
    Nafee Ahnaf Siraj 5 months ago+104

    Didn't anyone notice he was calling the mate 20 pro P20 pro?

  • Very Str8
    Very Str8 6 months ago+776


  • ScaledKeys
    ScaledKeys 3 months ago+37

    Drops AirPods lightly , proceeds to Sakura spin the galaxy buds into the air

  • Albert Arbelo
    Albert Arbelo 5 months ago+550

    Did he really start off by saying it's good to see Samsung catch up to Apple? Samsung has been "beating Apple to the punch" for years. Try again bro.

  • Sean Barnes
    Sean Barnes 5 months ago+104

    This guy and every apple user...: "Samsung came out with really cool innovative better stuff! When will apple get it?" Instead of switching lol

  • D00D
    D00D 5 months ago+67

    "Finally it took them years to catch up"
    Yeah there is a reason your channel is named after Apple , stick to their products because you're incredibly biased

  • Alan Corp
    Alan Corp 5 months ago+1794

    I was going to get this, but I realized that I consistently pour gallons of water out of my ears, so this won’t do any good for me.

  • Calin THE BOSS
    Calin THE BOSS 5 months ago+56

    It auto stops music on galaxy phones, same with auto playing

  • Twell609
    Twell609 5 months ago+46

    This guy is horrible does no research
    Samsung had that design for a couple years already

  • But We
    But We yesterday+1

    Should have newer AirPods very soon! This AirPod design is 2 years old

  • 00_ITACHI
    00_ITACHI 4 months ago+40

    Android ppl: *uses iphone earbuds
    Apple users:bruh why u usin iPhone earpuds on a android😂
    Apple user: has galaxy buds
    Android user:😐