SoLLUMINATI Reaction to The Best Fortnite Player (Ninja) Best Plays

  • Published on:  4/9/2018
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  • SoLLUMINATI 1 years ago

    Who the best Fortnite Player?

  • I'm Lethal 4 days ago

    Me niga

  • FR3SHxPRINC3x21 YT 1 months ago


  • Zhadowz 1 years ago

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that flight got dropped off by a 14 yr old plate cleaner. Tuff. 😔

  • Acto 1 years ago

    Soduhh This man is *trying* to comment something funny, and you being ignorant talking about some "L", like sit the fuck down.

  • TSM_Venom 1 years ago

    Leave a like if you want him to react to tfue

  • xXGODK1DXx 1 months ago

    @Jose Santiago ninja isn't even in the world cup and tfue is like c'mon now Jarvis is better than him

  • NxteRyxn 1 months ago

    GANG GANG hi virgin

  • MarcussFto 3 months ago

    I came back to this video this is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • Esketit Esketit 3 days ago

    AyRese JOHN stfu

  • xXGODK1DXx 1 months ago

    @AyRese JOHN now tfue is the best streamer and ninja is one of the worst

  • Kinghinley 5 months ago

    To the 3% of people who see this, I hope that you get all you want for this year and have a wonderful future ahead of you!!🧡Have a great life and good luck in the future✅I know fame doesn’t happen overnight😭 but I’m trying my hardest to become a successful creator✌️

  • The Icon 1 months ago

    U awesome

  • KNP Gaming 4 months ago

    Can you sub to me plz?

  • _AYZID_ YT 5 months ago

    They should make the next 2k game free since they vc is soo overpriced

  • Dragoncunt 420 6 days ago

    MannyGoCrazy a lot more ppl would play it

  • MannyGoCrazy 12 days ago

    Why the f*** would they do that

  • Rezpoh 1 years ago

    *Lol In the begining he said! "You could have atleast took his material!* 💀

  • Rezpoh ik right lmao

  • Sheepish Boy 1 years ago


  • DJMegaHurtz 7 months ago

    4:16 lmao 😂 “damn that niggaz a squeaker” so are you my guy

  • 666 666 13 days ago


  • E_MAN_ YT 6 months ago

    SoLLUMINATI you should do a reaction video on TFUE

  • Ishaan DHIR 11 months ago

    Congrats on another vid with 1 mill views

  • Dayquan So savage 6 months ago

    Ninga ,tfue,typical gamer , daequan my name dayquan

  • Cambo 11 months ago

    Ishaan DHIR faccs