Devers tallies 3 hits, 4 RBIs in win | Blue Jays-Red Sox Game Highlights 7/17/19

  • Published on:  7/18/2019
  • Condensed Game: Rafael Devers tagged three hits for four RBI behind Eduardo Rodriguez's 11th win of the seasonDon't forget to subscribe! us elsewhere too:Twitter: our site for all baseball news, stats and scores!


  • Michael Muniz
    Michael Muniz 1 months ago+13

    Devers and Xander bogaerts taking care of business and putting the team on their shoulders. Go Red Sox!!!

  • Genesis
    Genesis 1 months ago+13

    Great win Red Sox! Solid pitching performance by E-Rod. Watching the bullpen though had me stressed out 😅. Raffy and Bogey have carried this team thus far! 👍🏻 ⚾️

  • Francis Martínez
    Francis Martínez 1 months ago+5

    Devers dominican power 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇩🇴🇴 lest go Boston Hi front Lanzarote 🇪🇸

  • Eric Sigersmith
    Eric Sigersmith 1 months ago+3

    Much needed even though the 9th inning always is dramatic lol evoldi here yet ?

  • Euan Hayton
    Euan Hayton 1 months ago+2

    Devers and the X-Man are on fire! Go Red Sox!

  • N. W. Dood
    N. W. Dood 28 days ago

    MLB is juicing up the balls this year, which is hypocritical since people whine about HGH and steroids...

  • André Luís
    André Luís 1 months ago

    2:40 the guy with a Sox jersey cheering the Teoscar home run. smh

  • Tyler Knollman
    Tyler Knollman 1 months ago+1

    Raffy is my fav he’s tearing it up out there!!!

  • 피타쿠리아스드
    피타쿠리아스드 1 months ago+4

    Rapal 11 3baseman today's mvp

  • Brayan Piñeiro
    Brayan Piñeiro 1 months ago+1

    Seek God

  • Mason Garrity
    Mason Garrity 1 months ago

    I was at this game

  • Eric S
    Eric S 28 days ago+1

    Devers yesssssss

  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart 1 months ago+1

    this is not a condensed game - this is highlights. condensed game is every out.

  • emelin gomez
    emelin gomez 1 months ago+1


  • Cameron Giguere
    Cameron Giguere 1 months ago

    El Toro

  • Darmv YT
    Darmv YT 1 months ago+2

    Wow nice

  • Quack Quack
    Quack Quack 1 months ago+2

    Devers underrated

  • Juan José Feliz
    Juan José Feliz 1 months ago+1

    A Devers sólo le faltó el triple para el ciclo. Poniendo en alto nuestro país: República Dominicana

  • Adrian Diaz Cañedo
    Adrian Diaz Cañedo 1 months ago+1

    Good game

  • Miles Nowicki
    Miles Nowicki 1 months ago+1