Using makeup advice from youtube hate comments (REACTION)

  • Published on:  4/15/2018
  • SUBSCRIBE HERE: NEXT: 6 yr old brother does my makeup! S-Club! Today I read a bunch of mean comments and use some of their wisdom for today's bomb makeup look haha! Enjoy me being the most sarcastic I've ever been. xo Dont forget to THUMBS UP the video if you LIKED it!CALLING ALL S-CLUB... Translate my videos into YOUR language for a shout out in my description! Try it HERE: CODE "SYLVIA" on all bh Cosmetics!http://bhcosmetics.comWatch Youkey's video HERE: YOU READ the entire description COMMENT "Klhoe Kardashian followed your instagram" to confuse everyone who isnt in on the joke haha! xo------------------------------LETS BE FRIENDS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! - INSTAGRAM TWITTER SNAPCHAT username: sylviagani- FACEBOOK BLOG M U S I C Music by Epidemic Sound ( I S C L A I M E R This video is not sponsored. As always, all opinions are my own and I keep it 100 with yall - always honest! Thank you for your love and support. XO


  • Karlie Martinez
    Karlie Martinez 6 months ago+1023

    Any body here in 2019😁😁😁😁

  • Harriet Daniels
    Harriet Daniels 11 months ago+1172

    Am I the only one that says serum the same way as her?!?

  • Nicolae A. T Harris
    Nicolae A. T Harris 11 months ago+364

    That ad placement killed me with laughter 😂

  • Denica Ohara
    Denica Ohara 5 months ago+387

    she’s so gorgeous with and without makeup x

  • Charlotte Smith
    Charlotte Smith 11 months ago+213


  • taylor cordero
    taylor cordero a years ago+424

    Okay I don’t understand why people have to be so rude like seriously she is just doing what she wants like she has dreams too! And if you all have a problem there called a search bar look for some other video she isn’t making you watch her videos like seriously 😂

  • Victoria Mochkovsky
    Victoria Mochkovsky a years ago+263

    I don’t have add block but I didn’t get an add

  • Gabbyy Chloe
    Gabbyy Chloe 11 months ago+248

    I love her hair like that. She's so beautiful. Wolfie didn't deserve you Sylvia. Ily gurl❤️ stay strong

  • snudeg
    snudeg 5 months ago+59

    Why do people watch her videos if all they’re gonna do is complain?😂 Like I watch them because I love her, she is awesome and a great makeup artist 🌸

  • Ashley Weston
    Ashley Weston 11 months ago+74

    That ad placement I’m dead omg

  • Hailey Roberts
    Hailey Roberts 6 months ago+43

    That impression of Donald trump was actually bomb asf😂🙏❤️

  • Emma Chipponeri
    Emma Chipponeri 3 months ago+19

    I say serum the same way sylvia does🤣

  • santina j
    santina j a years ago+2339


  • Delaney Schultz
    Delaney Schultz a years ago+105

    How did the ad come at the perfect time!

  • ChelseaHappy
    ChelseaHappy 4 months ago+26

    Omg Sylvia, Khloe Kardashian followed your Instagram!!

  • Raquel Monterrey
    Raquel Monterrey 10 months ago+61

    I thought i couldnt love sylvia more

  • The Girl
    The Girl 7 months ago+41

    7:00 haha pls do that again

  • Georgina Githungo
    Georgina Githungo 11 months ago+37

    when the ad came 😂 😂 😂

  • Gabbyy Chloe
    Gabbyy Chloe 11 months ago+19

    I didn't get an ad. Who else didn't?

  • Charlie Tonks
    Charlie Tonks 10 months ago+22

    Omggg the contacts make you look so different!! Don’t worry girl you’re gorgeous but then contacts make you look amazing!