Awesome Secret Underground House by Talented Bushmen Part1

  • Published on:  5/16/2019
  • Primitive Jungle Lifeskills: Awesome Secret Underground House by Talented Bushmen Part1

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    About this video:
    In this video I would like to show you about how to dig and build an awesome secret underground house in the jungle. There are some materials that we need to use in this kind of construction such as machete, woods, clay, and bamboo. First of all the bushman need to cut the wood and sharpen it in order to dig the solid soil to make deep hole. Then, he took some times to decorate the interior and out side to make it looks nice. Finally, the talented bushmen need to make his own bed for sleeping at night.
    Actually, this video is talking about a man who live in the jungle alone and he always work alone. One day while he is digging the soil he suddenly feel exhausted and fall down to the ground, A few minutes later there is a bushman with a jar full of water, who passing his shelter saw him and rescue the exhausted man. After that they help each other to finish the secret underground house and they live together.

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    This channel was created in order to show you about the life style of people in the jungle and how to survive if you are living in the forest. All my videos contain the techniques in how to make something easy by using own skills. Primitive Jungle Lifeskills is a youtube channel that I really passionate and I will continue making more new videos.

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