• Published on:  9/17/2018


  • potatotree12345
    potatotree12345 3 months ago+410

    ITs offical Amanda has been murdered by a ghost she hasnt pinned anybody in a day so when's the funeral date?

  • Lyric Woods
    Lyric Woods 16 hours ago

    Who else’s phone went off when Amanda said “hey Siri”?

  • Bhad Jazmin
    Bhad Jazmin yesterday

    what’s the boys Instagram

  • Liz A
    Liz A 5 days ago

    wtf when that door moved i screamed

  • Goldenkitkat Games
    Goldenkitkat Games 5 days ago

    Have yall ever had a threesome? 🤨🖕🏼

  • P.S.C Squad
    P.S.C Squad 8 days ago+1

    They all look like there dating

  • Ally Marie
    Ally Marie 9 days ago+1

    1:50 when water gets stuck in yo ear 😭😭💯

  • Teresa Beeaan
    Teresa Beeaan 10 days ago+1

    When you said “hey, Siri” my Siri turned on😫

  • *Lisa Simpson* *
    *Lisa Simpson* * 12 days ago

    1:45 song?!???! I can’t find it anywhere

  • Ale and Eli’s Channel

    3:59 anyone elses siri turn on bc mine did🤠💀

  • Brianna Lewis
    Brianna Lewis 15 days ago+4

    6:57 WAS THAT A KISS??!!......SIS🤣😂

  • Corin Mikayla
    Corin Mikayla 15 days ago

    the way J.C look at yohandra bruhh😍

  • Alyson Fernanda
    Alyson Fernanda 16 days ago

    Omg he’s so cute

  • marlen _ur_one and only

    Brooo i wish i can do the same thing what yohandra and jc does. with my best friend too they be all cute and shit......while me over here thinking if i do that to my best friend he'll be like ummm marlene what u doin? And then from there ill turn red af and he'll be smilin cuz he always fuckin smiles

  • elizabeth belden
    elizabeth belden 19 days ago

    When u said hey Siri my thing did it

  • Mmm Juicy tea
    Mmm Juicy tea 19 days ago


  • Mmm Juicy tea
    Mmm Juicy tea 19 days ago

    Is jc gay? HES CUTE THO 😭😍

  • heyy.rayan
    heyy.rayan 21 days ago

    6:56 AWWWWW

  • heyy.rayan
    heyy.rayan 21 days ago


  • Bianca Lucio
    Bianca Lucio 23 days ago+1

    Soo is jc n yohandra n thing or wat lol
    Do Munda like jc but trying to b Koo bout it or what??
    Oor is this that real bfffffff shit. Love all y'all forreals