Insanely Delicious Grilled Eel in South Korea! (Day 19)

  • Published on:  8/26/2016
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    On Day 19 of this South Korean food trip, we drove to Gochang, visiting the national park, ate some silkworms, and had some insanely delicious eel for lunch.

    1:18 Seonunsan Provincial Park - 3,000 Won ($2.56) - Seonunsan Provincial Park is another beautiful national park in South Korea, and we started off the day by taking a short walk. Along the way, I had some Korean street food snacks including silkworms to give me energy for the walk. Again, I could say this over and over again, but the trees and nature scenery in South Korea during spring is beautiful.

    4:38 Pungchango Eel (풍천장어) Restaurant Koch'ang (신덕식당) - The real reason that many Koreans come to Seonunsan Provincial Park is not necessarily just to enjoy a nice hike in the mountains, but the real treat is to eat eel! We pulled up to an eel restaurant and I had some of the best grilled eel I’ve ever had in my life, paired with raspberry wine. The grilled eel was absolutely spectacular, and especially when paired with all the banchan side dishes of our Korean meal. The raspberry wine also went very well with the full meal. Price - 26,000 Won ($22.18) per person.

    11:20 Gusipo Beach, Gusipo Seawater Spa, Price - 11,000 Won ($9.38) per person - After the amazing eel meal experience, we drove over to Gusipo Beach and went to a traditional Korean seawater spa. It was very interesting.

    13:47 Dukmanjae Hanok Hotel - We drove back to Jeonju, and for the last couple nights we moved to stay in the Hanok village of Jeonju, in a traditional Korean style home. We checked in, put our bags down, and then went to eat.

    14:53 Chowon Super (전일슈퍼) for Dried pollack, dried cuttlefish (armored squid) - Total price - 30,600 Won ($26.10) - For our first stop we went to a place called Chowon Super (전일슈퍼), which is a bar, mostly serving drinks, but also famously serving drived pollack which is then grilled. It makes an amazing snack.

    18:03 KyoChon Fried Chicken, Total price - 40,500 Won ($34.55) - For our final dinner of the night, we headed over to KyoChon, a restaurant chain that’s well known throughout Korea for serving fried chicken.

    It was an excellent day in South Korea, and by far the best thing about the day was the insanely delicious eel - it was one of my favorite meals of this entire trip to South Korea!

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    Disclaimer: My trip to Jeonju was sponsored by the Jeonbuk Centre for International Affairs, but all videos, thoughts, and opinions are my own.

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