Steven Yeun, Armie Hammer & Jermaine Fowler Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED



  • Rocío Tigre
    Rocío Tigre a years ago+1748

    Steve: what height are you?
    Armie: 6 foot 5
    Steve: okay cool

  • kihyonii
    kihyonii a years ago+2138

    "That guys not a guy" 😂😂

  • Calida
    Calida a years ago+2174

    Daaang it got really real for a minute, Jermaine and Armie suddenly realized the depth of Steven's Asian-American Actor issue haha

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy a years ago+2279

    Steven Yeun is BAE

  • SimonCleric
    SimonCleric a years ago+4725

    Surprisingly, this was one of the best interviews... ever? I wish there was more.

  • Its Sheena🙆
    Its Sheena🙆 a years ago+2766

    Does armie hammer where does he live😂

  • Rachel
    Rachel a years ago+4237

    "no but if you get a lot right, we know you google yourself a lot"

  • violet
    violet a years ago+2383

    dude this was the funniest one yet!! especially Steven's lmaoo

  • Devon Palmer
    Devon Palmer a years ago+3610

    These guys have amazing chemistry

  • Nomon Munir
    Nomon Munir a years ago+1506

    yes finally the most racially diverse WIRED interview

  • Anna Bell
    Anna Bell a years ago+691

    Steven Yeun addressed the lack of Asian representation and I couldn't be happier!!!

    QUITUTINCI TV a years ago+3079

    see how we can all coexist, there's the proof, a black man, an asian man and a white guy all cool with each other having great chemistry

  • M.L. Soll
    M.L. Soll a years ago+1964

    6ft5. I am aroused

  • Sara Danger Erickson
    Sara Danger Erickson a years ago+710

    I enjoyed Steven Yeun on The Walking Dead but I didn't realize he's so funny. He was really charming in this interview.

  • evergreen
    evergreen a years ago+269

    bruh they're all fine af

  • L
    L a years ago+629

    "Stop looking where i live" lmaoo

  • Kbear2097
    Kbear2097 a years ago+772

    I'm really surprised that there were no TWD questions for Steven...

  • lakoper 22
    lakoper 22 a years ago+529

    I love steven yeun his voice is so cute

  • Vincent Ianniello
    Vincent Ianniello a years ago+601

    This was the best auto complete yet. These guys are great together and I love the competition of guessing what the question is. Can't wait to see Sorry to Bother You.

  • Punisher Castle
    Punisher Castle a years ago+466

    What makes the “Is Steven Yeun in Raiders of the Lost Ark” even more stupid is they most likely referring to the little Asian sidekick of Indiana Jones and not only is that obviously not Steven Yeun but..... THE KID WASNT IN RAIDERS! THAT WAS TEMPLE OF DOOM!