Eminem Admits He Cant Respond To MGK...



  • FDV YellowBathTub
    FDV YellowBathTub 11 months ago+1145

    Anyone here after KILLSHOT?

  • Konohamaru Sarutobi
    Konohamaru Sarutobi 11 months ago+404

    Who's here after listening to KILLSHOT!?

  • Hareshvharan Lavindran
    Hareshvharan Lavindran 11 months ago+460

    This video aged well hahahaha

  • BR4N DOG
    BR4N DOG 11 months ago+192

    Y’all were saying? 🤔

  • Rish_ Levi
    Rish_ Levi 11 months ago+58

    I wonder what he did an hour ago? 😁

  • Niksoonn
    Niksoonn 11 months ago+53

    What did u say my dude? =)))

  • Ian J
    Ian J 11 months ago+72

    So much for that because he just did an hour ago and he laid mgk to rest lol

  • Mickey
    Mickey 11 months ago+12

    he responded eat your words btich

  • Hozukie
    Hozukie 11 months ago+35

    I think he just saying he won’t respond just to surprise us with a full diss track

  • Joshua Rhodes
    Joshua Rhodes 11 months ago+51

    Lol all the people on here. Watch the interview, he never said he isn’t responding.

  • Armando Medina
    Armando Medina 11 months ago+20

    And 2 days later Em responds

  • RandomBlackGamer
    RandomBlackGamer 11 months ago+42

    So we can't get any Lyrical, Miracle, Cereal?

  • Reymon Nolan
    Reymon Nolan 11 months ago+2597

    Lmao everybody was all "R.I.P. MGK, he just ended his career". Now they're like "aw Em it's ok, you don't even have to respond" 😂😂😂

  • Motions_AX
    Motions_AX 11 months ago+10

    Lul eminem responds rip you guys

  • BOT Stan
    BOT Stan 11 months ago+29

    Eminem admits he can respond to MGK

  • Invictta
    Invictta 11 months ago+3

    Guess what just happend

  • tatted shelby
    tatted shelby 11 months ago+4

    Just responded 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • the other guy
    the other guy 11 months ago+2

    And then Em dropped the killshot

  • Snippidy
    Snippidy 11 months ago+7

    Killshot look it up if u still believe this video 👌👌

  • Kyle Harris
    Kyle Harris 11 months ago+14

    Y’all he just responded