Old Spice | S.Q.U.I.D. | How A Krakengärd Man Gets A Date To The Big Dance

  • Published on:  6/7/2017
  • Securing a date to the big dance is simple for the Krakengärd man. First, they have two friends write a note and crumple it up for them as they load the paper into makeshift catapults all the while date of their dreams walks around the classroom wearing bucket pants with pockets so wide they can catch said notes then the tentacle must be moved in the correct fashion as to trigger the catapult's launching mechanism sending the note hurdling towards the potential date in hopes of it landing in the proper pocket and being read.


  • jopomeister
    jopomeister 2 years ago+12

    Working in marketing for Old Spice must be the dream job. You never get bored, it's beautiful

  • Koyomi Araragi
    Koyomi Araragi 2 years ago+1

    Ive seen enough hentai etc

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 2 years ago

    shitposting intensifies

  • Heartedly Tinman Adonis

    ok 😞 but any who ... krakengard is the old spice sent i'm using right now ... love the sent tbh ...

  • Silver Sparks
    Silver Sparks 2 years ago


  • Colton Thompson
    Colton Thompson a years ago

    Old Spice should make squid the boss character at the end of nature man 2

  • Cian Moran
    Cian Moran 2 years ago+7

    I just don't understand.

  • em0diva
    em0diva 2 years ago+4


  • Let rne kiss you
    Let rne kiss you 2 years ago

    Is Krakengard a reference to Drakengard? :O