The Rise Of Skywalker Harrison Ford BAD News Revealed! (Star Wars Episode 9)

  • Published on:  7/14/2019
  • Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker is said to have many revelations in the film as well as surprises and emotional scene in the film by director jj abrams. We will be going into some star wars the rise of skywalker spoilers....potential spoilers of course that have to do with harrison ford as han solo. These star wars episode 9 spoilers were said to be a part of the reshoots for the film.WATCH MY LAST VIDEO (SNOKE'S BIG SECRET OF ANAKIN LEAKED! THE RISE OF SKYWALKER - STAR WARS EPISODE 9) Today! I thank You for the kind support.LIKE the Official Mike Zeroh Facebook page below Official Mike Zeroh Twitter Intro Designed by MUSIC BY filmed in the outro by in the outro is by Benn Down The Divider (Reprise) from his Zombies III Album.


    MIKE ZEROH  1 months ago+5


  • Aiwen: Cosmic Angel 333
    Aiwen: Cosmic Angel 333 1 months ago+21

    My best friend lynn saw Harrison Ford in line at Starbucks in Oregon some years ago, it was a special moment for her. She loved Han and chewie. She passed away in Jan 2018, the last conversation we had was about the upcoming solo movie. I told her that we would see it on her birthday which is May 29 which is just days after solos release. But she did not make it, and I knew though that her spirit was with me when I saw it in the theater.

  • bob Barrett
    bob Barrett 1 months ago+11

    That’s a shame. It would have been nice to see Han as something more than just a dead beat dad in the sequel trilogy.

  • Richard Walther
    Richard Walther 1 months ago+13

    That’s why you can’t have a throwaway movie like Ep. 8 in there to waste 2-3 hours of the trilogy. Now there’s too much ground to make up and too many characters to resurrect and patch up for one movie. I sense a cluster-$&@? in the works.

  • Karen Bryden-Blom
    Karen Bryden-Blom 1 months ago+1

    Ford wouldn’t do anything without a LOT of cash on the table

  • Frank Schalk
    Frank Schalk 1 months ago+4

    Seems like overkill to me. Surely there must be unused footage from ROTJ that could have been used.

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex 1 months ago

    Damn ;/ that is a bad news indeed :/
    They have less and less time to complete the movie ;(

  • ZZM
    ZZM 28 days ago

    I enjoy the star wars movies. All of them, but I really hate that they killed Solo off do early. That will always bother me.

  • District 13
    District 13 1 months ago+2

    Calling all Graphic Artists, head to Disney quick😛

  • Erictodd 421
    Erictodd 421 1 months ago

    Allowing Harrison Ford to die in starwArs was a huge mistake

  • Mary Ellen Cook
    Mary Ellen Cook 1 months ago

    I guess Money Talks. Money had to his talked very loudly to Harrison Ford in order for him to do even one or two scenes as Han Solo, since he was very happy that his character died in episode 7. Too bad they could not get that footage to work as it would have helped to tie things together, especially with the name of episode 9.

  • EAchank
    EAchank 1 months ago+1

    You can kill Luke n Yoda n obi wan n they can come back as force ghosts
    Not Han tho...Kylo is gonna cry cry cry

  • Karen Bryden-Blom
    Karen Bryden-Blom 1 months ago

    Pissed off am I

  • Susan Blakeley
    Susan Blakeley 1 months ago+1

    So sad how can you end the Skywalker Saga without Leia and Han story being completed
    Or at least showing separation ?

  • StormyStitch
    StormyStitch 1 months ago+1

    This memory would've been bittersweet for Ben and fans to witness. I hope they reconsider and are able to find footage that would work.

  • Try Gaelic
    Try Gaelic 1 months ago+1

    The real Solo is still alive, Vader & the Emperor had him cloned just before they gave him to Boba Fett & Jabba, so since the end of Empire we’ve only seen the clone of Solo & even he didn’t know he was a clone ;)

  • Tech Hybrid
    Tech Hybrid 1 months ago+2

    5 months left O: :D can't wait!!!!!!!!!

  • District 13
    District 13 1 months ago+1

    Even if the Technology is not up to par. They should keep it in. It will make a good back story. They can even show Kylo as a young Boy interacting with Han. How many kids back in the days would have wanted Han Solo as their Father? And specially Kylo killing him on the bridge will tie the whole thing up. Driver did a well job pulling that off. Because you can clearly see his agony if he can do it or not. They definitely need to add Kylo as a young padawan training with Luke. To show the interaction with his Uncle too. It will just beef up all the Characters.

  • bayo1969
    bayo1969 1 months ago+2

    Han de-aged?....this should be good....

  • District 13
    District 13 1 months ago

    Uh, they should try to do a young Kylo interacting with Leia when he was a Boy. They can just try not show a Leia’s face too much because the Technology isn’t ready yet. Because that will tug at the Audience heart and make him more sympathetic. Specially how Leia keeps insisting that there’s good in him. And then Kylo not firing on her when he had a chance. They can even fast forward to an adult Kylo reminiscing about the scene while he’s getting ready in his Room. And what Leia said to him back then and how he tried to shake it off because he had business to handle of being the Dark Sith and ruler of the Universe. Pan the camera of him downing his helmet and leaving his room to be a menace. Leia could have said something like if you put your mind into it, you can achieve anything you want...