The Voice of the Philippines: Cora dela Cruz | Blind Auditions

  • Published on:  7/16/2013
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  • Edgardo Robles
    Edgardo Robles 2 years ago+14

    wow naman ito ang mga bosis ng pang rakista talaga bagay sa kanyang kanta

  • ailyn lebico
    ailyn lebico 4 years ago+3

    Galing grabe dami ko tawa dto

  • cel hernandez
    cel hernandez 2 years ago+7

    galing naman ng boses
    may pagkakalog pa 😍😍😍

  • Lance Harvey
    Lance Harvey 2 years ago+7

    pang Melai lang yung boses ahh. astig ni atr

  • Sam Well
    Sam Well 2 years ago+4

    sayang ang galing at boses hindi sumikat... sana mabigyan ng chance

  • Joy Salvoza
    Joy Salvoza 2 years ago+6

    omg galing nya..nanalo ba sya?she's funny as well.

  • Peter MRE
    Peter MRE 5 years ago

    This is actually one of the two best auditions I've ever seen in a Philippine singing competition-- the other one being Junji Arias. Kudos Pinoys! The best and the most talented on earth :)

  • noel
    noel 5 years ago+1


  • Call me JJ
    Call me JJ 5 years ago

    I like her because of what she sang its simple but rocks the whole stage!..

  • ••†å£33fåñЪz••

    nice...pinoy rules!!!

  • jermainee allan camba

    badtrip! bakit sya pa natanggal! dapat yung mga bagong singer ang natitira e. wala na dapat second chance di na nga sumikat dati e ngayon pa kaya?

  • TheFlammingjace
    TheFlammingjace 5 years ago+1

    it breaks my heart knowing the backgrounds of financial status of cora, however i know the kind of voice she has, mababago nya ang kanyang ktayuan sa buhay. godbless you cora!!!

  • Angleica Rollan
    Angleica Rollan 5 years ago+3

    Medyo kahawig sya ni melai hehehe pero ang galing niya kumanta:)

  • june botin
    june botin 5 years ago

    idol suporta kme ng tropang TRECE Martirez Skaters!! gudlak sa finals!! Crush mo dw c rovy sbe nila
    echo @ alvin hehe.. :))

  • jerry reyes
    jerry reyes 6 years ago+1

    hayop yung binigay na words ni lea MAY LIBUG YUNG BOSES MO!!!!

  • roruna furukawa
    roruna furukawa 6 years ago

    new born WAGAS!!!!!!!!

  • Virginia Peralta
    Virginia Peralta 6 years ago

    she's so funny. ... but she got a uniqueness that everyone can love. ..I hope she will be able to go through the finals.. I love watching her performance. .. love you cora

  • robert rodriguez
    robert rodriguez 6 years ago

    sampaguita and company?

  • gina solano
    gina solano 6 years ago

    "belter" as in selling belt...ang galing mo!sana ikaw ang manalo!Good Luck sa iyo!

  • Patricia Hall
    Patricia Hall 6 years ago+1