YouTubers React To Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Music Video & Easter Eggs)



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  • Star Is Loving Dimonds
    Star Is Loving Dimonds 5 hours ago+3

    Lol James.

  • pandicorn :3
    pandicorn :3 5 hours ago

    Can teens react to lankybox make god is a woman or thank u,next plzzz its super funny

  • wassy
    wassy 5 hours ago+5


  • ItzTori
    ItzTori 6 hours ago+2

    I love how James Is wearing a Shirt that said Fictional character

  • PeachHazel7
    PeachHazel7 7 hours ago+2

    Rosanna is so pure and cute 😭💗😂

  • Whatam IDoing
    Whatam IDoing 10 hours ago+3

    Makes me sad how Alex and Lauren aren’t together in this

  • Feliks-Mazdan De La Fournière

    you know who was missing, mother Christine Baranski

  • pH0xBoiii
    pH0xBoiii 13 hours ago

    Now were dust reaction pls!!!

  • Mary Kathleen Nardi
    Mary Kathleen Nardi 17 hours ago+3

    I kind of want youtuber's reacting to David Dobrik that would kind of be hilarious

  • *Inhale*
    *Inhale* 19 hours ago+2

    Teens react to Sims machinimas, especially this bella goth one.

  • Payton Landolt
    Payton Landolt 19 hours ago+1

    Bend and crack💀😭

  • Ty Caruso
    Ty Caruso 20 hours ago


  • Ty Caruso
    Ty Caruso 20 hours ago


  • BigFood Style
    BigFood Style 22 hours ago+3

    Okay Twins I’m tryna listen to Ari sing not y’all. React please

  • The Origene
    The Origene  23 hours ago

    React to thank you next wakanda its worth it believe me hahaahaha

  • Trent DeVlaminck
    Trent DeVlaminck yesterday+9

    13 Going on 30 was my favorite reference that she did