How Marvel Fixed a Franchise - Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Published on:  7/13/2017
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming is a huge return to form for the character. What did Marvel Studios do to steer Spider-Man back on track? I tried to answer that question with a really long video about it!Links: Twitter: Light by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (“Night Owl” by Broke for Free is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (“The Last Ones” by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License ( Arist: thumbnail art by @sirmitchell, check out his work at


  • captainmidnight 1 years ago

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  • J. Oaklley 21 days ago

    Lie your points. Thanks👍👍👏👏👏

  • J. Oaklley 21 days ago

    From arms years opps bad typing.

  • Shrek 5 1 months ago

    How they fixed him?*they made Tom Holland spider man*

  • Tom Ebbs 3 days ago

    Tom Holland is a Jew too

  • wyatt jenkinson 6 days ago

    Kill Monger what no it may be an intro for the character but so was the first Spider-Man and every other 1st movie what’s you point it’s well made has great character and action and is a great movie

  • TD 8 months ago

    "You're watching Peter Parker, a 15-year-old kid who thinks he's about to die."...and then comes Infinity War, where we have to watch a 15-year-old kid KNOW he's about to die.

  • Skyro 05 6 days ago

    He is 17 in Infinity War

  • wyatt jenkinson 6 days ago

    MOON_ yeah an unexpected but thoroughly enjoyable scene

  • Skye Hall 9 months ago

    I also feel like Tom Holland was a fantastic choice for the role.he delivers the character in such a loveable way and instantly makes you love him. Even my mom, who hates Spiderman as a superhero (she says he's 'wimpy'), got emotional during the death scene in Infinity War because he did such a phenomenal job of portraying a terrified kid who knows they're dying and is absolutely powerless to stop it. Tom's iteration of Spiderman is by far my favorite and may even be my #1 in the MCU, which is saying s...

  • wyatt jenkinson 6 days ago

    Hudson webb because amazing Spider-Man is shit and nobody knows about ultimate

  • wyatt jenkinson 6 days ago

    George Asher no he is a nerd I can easily picture myself giving Tom Holland an atomic wedgie but Andrew Garfield is a model and a cool one at that Toby looks like the substitute teacher but Tom is smart that’s clearly shown and he’s pa nerd who has trouble talking to hit girls

  • Tom Holland portrays both Spiderman and Peter Parker perfectly. You can´t change my mind on this. It just feels right.

  • MahCHESTRO 20 days ago

    @JoybuzzahzTV He's better... cause he's American.I won't even start explaining how fucked your moral compass is.But seeing as most British actors pull them off better than Americans i'd say you're wrong.Tobeys Californian accent is all over the place while Tom Holland actually tries to get a New York accent.And also succeeds.

  • Fropitz Skeeter 10 months ago

    70s Spider-Man is terrifying

  • Don Ficko 19 days ago

    @Christopher Bacon talking about this one. It was in the cinemas in some countries I believe, and even if not, still a movie nonethelessEDIT: Yepp, it was in the cinemas in the country I live in, as well as in the rest of Europe

  • Christopher Bacon 19 days ago

    We do not speak of that series in this house.

  • Carter Smith 8 months ago

    I like your explanation about Spider-Man as a smaller character. Even tony says it in the movie. He needs to be a friendly NEIGHBORHOOD Spider-Man, not save the world

  • Rayvon Velez 5 days ago

    But now in far from home he saving the world?

  • wyatt jenkinson 6 days ago

    Christopher Bacon yeah but he has help from a seasoned hero and these would be nothing for someone like Thor

  • Skylar Chui 1 months ago

    Some other things I thought made it better:1. Tom Holland being an amazing actor2. Peter looking more like his age3. Showing that bullies (flash) don’t always look scary4. Peter is more of a loser who doesn’t try to show off and doesn’t get into crazy fights5. MJ isn’t super popular (and she is Zendaya)No hate for the other I just love homecoming and I’m excited for far from home yet still sobbing over endgame

  • Tom Ebbs 3 days ago

    It is not even all American spiderman anymore

  • What are u talking about this movie is insulty as a Spider-Man come on really!!!

  • Víctor Montero 7 months ago

    The thing with Tom Holland is that he actually is a NATURAL STORYTELLER, when he speak at interviews you can spot it: he creates suspense, uses silences, half-laugh before joke, use specific words to spike emotions or create empathy, and he does this naturally as his DRIVE N°1 (Downey Jr., Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth don't use this as their expression N°1). So, in order to have "a kid talking with himself and the iron/computer all the time" (wich I agree on being great as a reflection of t...

  • Hope for All 1 months ago

    I, too, am subscribed to Charisma on Command.

  • Nanashi 1 months ago


  • Gus Maia 7 months ago

    DC should've learn from this by now: we've seen Bruce Wayne's parents dying more then enough times

  • robotic flame wars an hour ago

    @Nicolai Haugsted it wasn't I'n the original Batman movie the original movie stared Adam west in the 60's

  • Nicolai Haugsted 19 days ago

    @Christopher Bacon Kids why grew up with the MCU without having seen any previous incarnation of the character don't know his origin. So yes, we needed at least a HINT to Uncle Ben. Have Peter visit his grave, have May have a framed picture. ANYTHING would work without having to do the whole uncle-ben-gets-shot thing