How Marvel Fixed a Franchise - Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Published on:  7/13/2017
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming is a huge return to form for the character. What did Marvel Studios do to steer Spider-Man back on track? I tried to answer that question with a really long video about it!
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  • captainmidnight
    captainmidnight  8 months ago+148

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  • Arachni-Notion
    Arachni-Notion 2 hours ago

    7:17-7:78 You said, "Homecoming is first movie in the franchise that seems to understand this, and is willing to follow Peter through the every process of being Spider-Man"
    I would argue against that, "Spider-Man from (2002) was the first. As we get to see him stop robbers at night, we get to know what the people think of him, and we get to see him rescue a baby from a burning building." Now if you were to say that it seems along the way, the movies have forgotten about that and that Marvel helped bring it back, then okay.

  • Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson 2 hours ago

    I think you misspelled 'fucked'.

  • The Monopoly Guy
    The Monopoly Guy 14 hours ago

    They kinda wrekt him at the same time

  • Luka Godec
    Luka Godec yesterday

    If anything, Marvel ruined Spider-man. Tobey’s spidey is the only one I will ever care for. It has hands down the best character development over all characters, it has soul, it makes me care for the characters, Tobey as spidey or Parker that has real life problems is relatable so yea, there is literally nothing that homecoming or TASM did better than Sam Raimi’s spidey.

  • Abdulla Mother
    Abdulla Mother 3 days ago

    They made him tony’s bitch. Even Dr. Strange asks tony if peter is he’s ward. Another thing is they use to much cgi, homecoming feels like a video game.

  • Avery Robinson
    Avery Robinson 3 days ago

    It’s important to know there are different Spider-Man. The suit given by tony makes him the iron spider and that is why he has the things he does.

  • Simo Simo
    Simo Simo 3 days ago

    How Marvel ruined a Franchise not fixed it, do you seriously think that they got Spider-Man right with this movie ? Overall the movie is good, but if you tell me that it's a good SPIDER-MAN movie, it's not.
    1. They completely ignored Uncle Ben who's a big & an important character, it didn't have to be another death scene though.
    2 . Tony Stark baby sitting Peter, seriously ? Peter is a genius & a bad ass he can take care of his own he's called Spider-MAN not Spider-BABY.
    3. The high tech suit can do more things than what Spider-Man can actually do, a fucking AI that gives him directions, Parachute, Trackers, 500 Web combinations, taser web, training wheels protocol ???
    4. Peter's high school friends are completely useless & u just don't care about them, my god Ned Leeds was soo annoying & yeah he's literally 'Ganke Lee' Miles Morales friend from the comics, Liz Allen is one of the worst love interests i've ever seen on film, Michelle was just there, Flash Thompson sucks.
    5. The lack of consequences, everything Peter does has no consequence, when he blew up that guy's grocery store his way of income & livelihood, everything's fine like he just doesn't give a shit. He ditches his friends that's completely fine, he hangs up on Aunt May, he's completely reckless & annoying sometimes, nearly killed his friends & civilians at the Washington monument & he doesn't feel guily or regret.
    6. Peter's main goal & motivations are impressing Iron Man & The Avengers.
    7. 2 god damn Shockers, Shocker is really cool & a badass character why fuck him up so badly, such a wasted potential.
    8. The Rubble scene, when Peter looks at his reflection on the water & we hear Tony Stark voice over, seriously ? Tony fucking Stark, whatever happened to Uncle Ben & 'With great power comes great responsibilities' ???. Ben Parker is literally the only & the main reason why Peter became Spider-Man, he blames himself for the death of his uncle, you see the burden of responsibilty here ? You never felt that in Homecoming.
    9. And don't get me started on the SJW PC bullshit they crammed in there & the terrible castings.
    By the way Tom Holland gave an amazing performance, Michael Keaton was the best part of the movie for me, Marvel you messed this up so bad. Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel character & i hated what you did with him. I loved him in Civil War with the 'looking for the little guy' thing and that he rejected Stark's proposal of going to Germany because he has homework & has to take care of Aunt May, but i have no idea what the hell happened with Homecoming.

  • grenas1995
    grenas1995 4 days ago

    Jesus christ people in this comment thread really don't know and understand Spider-Man/Peter Parker's character. Ya'll don't know shit about Spider-Man. Tom Holland executes the portrayal of the character perfectly. its not bias, its not personal preference, it's definitely not "fanboyism", its just the truth. Tom being the young man he is, has the personality that almost directly mirrors that of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. It sickens me that people are literally hating and discrediting Tom's version of Spider-Man just cause he's not papa Tobey Maguire. It's very distasteful. I grew up with Tobey Maguire and I loved him as Spider-Man, but he is not, I repeat, NOT the Spider-Man I wanted.

  • Manek Iridius
    Manek Iridius 4 days ago

    Nope. Nope nope nope. All my nope.

    ILOVEPIE  4 days ago

    YEEESSSS Spiderman 33!

  • jdgx95
    jdgx95 4 days ago

    maybe im just weird but this is the 1 spider man movie i like less each time i see it ..i get it was intentional but they changed so much it was kinda a lot to take in this was the least spider man feeling movie of all of them the AI making him basically iron kid flash and mj being radically changed no uncle ben or big skyscraper webswinging i guess im just not burned out on basic spider man stuff like other ppl >.>

  • Aa CPT
    Aa CPT 6 days ago

    you sound like tobey maguire

  • Krk Patterson
    Krk Patterson 6 days ago

    You got a new subscriber with you TNG ref. (:

  • mstf-Z waytroz
    mstf-Z waytroz 6 days ago

    They didn't fix . They make it worse.

  • King Kong Balls96
    King Kong Balls96 8 days ago

    Ninjas coming for them Spiderman emotes

  • 11sdownie
    11sdownie 8 days ago

    I think Homecoming is the worst. It’s just so bland and Tom Holland is beyond annoying.

  • Nick Tsarnas
    Nick Tsarnas 9 days ago

    This movie is just ok. It probably should have been renamed Iron Boy

  • Gxyzyes 12
    Gxyzyes 12 9 days ago

    Spiderman homecoming ia worts movie ever

  • Justin Carroz
    Justin Carroz 10 days ago

    A+ essay. You seem to capture my feelings for the movie point for point.