How Marvel Fixed a Franchise - Spider-Man: Homecoming

  • Published on:  7/13/2017
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming is a huge return to form for the character. What did Marvel Studios do to steer Spider-Man back on track? I tried to answer that question with a really long video about it!
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  • captainmidnight (Mar 29, 2018)

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  • A X B (Feb 6, 2019)

    Liked the video, and towards the end was looking for another like button. Gj :)

  • Cassius Felix (Jan 16, 2019)

    captainmidnight okay thank you very much

  • Papa Ult (Jul 14, 2017)

    my interpretation of the rubble scene is a little diffrent. The other action sequences he always is getting a assist from Stark via him personally or the suit. stripping him of everything for his final battle gives him the oppurtuinity to prove he is "more then his suit". everyone criticized this to be iron man lite and in that moment iron man wasent gonna show up so he had to be his own man. He didnt just become Spiderman there but just simply a man. That final sequence made the movie a spid...

  • DEATH KNIGHT123 (2 days ago)

    Spiderman Homecoming is an crappy Iron Man movie, change my mind.

  • Alejandro Gimenez (Jan 24, 2019)

    +Crimson Vance do we just pretend like he hasn't been spider-man for already 6 monts? Or just take away his inteligence... Wich you know... Is one of his caracter traits

  • && (Jun 30, 2018)

    Toby was amazing as PeterAndrew KILLED it as Spiderman But Tom... Tom made me shed literal tears when he died in Infinity War. When he died (which I know he’s not really dead) I didn’t see an actor die, I saw spider man I saw Peter Parker I saw ME I saw my childhood wither to ashes because he embodied both personalities so well and for that reason I honestly think he’s the overall best incarnation.

  • kingslayer316 (2 days ago)

    DEATH KNIGHT123 holy shit i’ll remember to never invite you to a funeral (don’t take this in a mean way cuz some people just cant take a joke)

  • DEATH KNIGHT123 (2 days ago)

    When he died I applouded his death because he was by far the worst version of Spiderman to ever exist.

  • Fropitz Skeeter (Aug 18, 2018)

    70s Spider-Man is terrifying

  • kingslayer316 (Feb 7, 2019)

    Ted ThePilot that show didn’t really have a bad origin story

  • El Floundero weest (Jan 8, 2019)

    +Ted ThePilot oh my

  • Garbage Can Can Can (Sep 7, 2018)

    Tom Holland portrays both Spiderman and Peter Parker perfectly. You can´t change my mind on this. It just feels right.

  • Aaron Smith (Jan 31, 2019)

    +Johannes _ A true fan has read the comics and would understand that toby was the best out of the 3 we got

  • Boss Man101 (Jan 30, 2019)

    Well I think both toby and tom were good spider-men.

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie (Jun 17, 2018)

    Homecoming may not have been incredibly deep or noticeably unique, but it was one of the truest on screen interpretations of Spider-Man ever. Because of this, I think it is one of Marvel’s best movies.

  • JoshieMike (Feb 14, 2019)

    +Emmanuel what about when he went to school

  • JoshieMike (Feb 14, 2019)

    +Emmanuel he never said that tho

  • Carter Smith (Sep 28, 2018)

    I like your explanation about Spider-Man as a smaller character. Even tony says it in the movie. He needs to be a friendly NEIGHBORHOOD Spider-Man, not save the world

  • Sam Barrie (2 days ago)

    You have to give it time, spiderman will grow as the movies progress.There are people idiotic enough to believe that he will start off at his peak level in his first solo movie

  • Jferrer1310 (Jan 8, 2019)

    +hydrolitoNo but right now the Spider-Man in the MCU is basically a kid who is still very much green, and Tony wants him to learn and grow up, so he is not just a good hero but a good person, he sees potential on him but wants him to take it slow.

  • TD (Oct 19, 2018)

    "You're watching Peter Parker, a 15-year-old kid who thinks he's about to die."...and then comes Infinity War, where we have to watch a 15-year-old kid KNOW he's about to die.

  • Ronnie Alley (2 days ago)

    I think peter is actually 16 in IW but point stands

  • The Flash (Jan 30, 2019)

    TD curse you

  • Chaitanya Ivaturi (Jan 16, 2019)

    I can't help but notice that most of the negativity comes from slightly older, millennial comic buffs who seemed to have an agenda to their viewing experience: a lot of these people want to see the comics come to life. I genuinely thing that, while it would be probably glorious and action-packed, it would not be at all relatable for this new generation of Superhero fans (specifically Generation Z kids and the like). They shifted the demographic VERY cleanly: May as a young, single mother figure, MJ as ...

  • DEATH KNIGHT123 (2 days ago)

    That is not Mary Jane Watson, but I do agree with you that the character your talking about is a feminist.

  • Chaitanya Ivaturi (Jan 24, 2019)

    +suarezguy I don't know if I agree with that considering that Aunt Mae is still a single parent raising him and he is very clearly poor AND still outcasted in school. I think it retained some of the main points but changed them so it was a little less dramatic (which came off as a romanticism of real struggles people face)

  • Skye Hall (Sep 7, 2018)

    I also feel like Tom Holland was a fantastic choice for the role.he delivers the character in such a loveable way and instantly makes you love him. Even my mom, who hates Spiderman as a superhero (she says he's 'wimpy'), got emotional during the death scene in Infinity War because he did such a phenomenal job of portraying a terrified kid who knows they're dying and is absolutely powerless to stop it. Tom's iteration of Spiderman is by far my favorite and may even be my #1 in the MCU, which is saying s...