Slime School Pranks! Adding too Much WEIRD Ingredients into DIY slime!

  • Published on:  7/4/2019
  • Slime school prank wars with Sara, Katie and Teacher! Girls are adding too much weird ingredients into DIY slime – adding too much of everything into slime. The slime competition is judged by the teacher. This is a proper slime school! The slime video also includes DIY slime tutorials for beginners and shows how to make easy DIY slime (DIY clear slime, DIY metallic slime, DIY glitter slime included) plus satisfying slime ASMR. Comment if you want to also learn and see tutorials on DIY fluffy slime, butter slime, testing viral Instagram slime recipes, slime without glue, slime without borax, etc! This funny comedy slime video shows a slime school and slime prank wars for kids, girls, boys and entire family!Sara and Katie go back to school! But this is a summer slime school! They decide to add too much ingredients into slime and teacher determines the winner of each competition. This slime comedy shows how to make slime and includes satisfying slime mixing compilation plus adding weird ingredients into slime and slime ASMR. Sara, Katie and the teacher make sure that our slime school is funny with lots of comedy skits, pranks, prank wars and tricks! We are adding too much weird ingredients into DIY slime and adding too much of everything weird into slime. For example: Glitter, pigment, silver foil leafs, fake snow, cotton balls, sequin, glitter, teeth and nails! This is an ultimate how to prank your teacher trick! Help me translate my Slime mixing Video: my Friend & Enter Giveaways :)Instagram: from Monstercat: or andEpidemic Sound:


  • SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art

    Sara, Katie and Teacher are back :) Today we are mixing too much WEIRD ingredients into slime! Who's slimes do you like best? Are you team Sara or team Katie? Hope you enjoy this funny slime school video :) Make sure to turn the notifications on because I'm already working on lots of cool videos, that you don't want to miss! Hope you are all having a great summer <3 Love you to the moon and back!!!

  • Vanesa Stoyanova
    Vanesa Stoyanova 1 months ago+465

    I miss the old Sara- she used to make so interesting and original videos😭💖

  • Maria Nawaz
    Maria Nawaz yesterday+7

    The teeth slime is perfect for Halloween.why not pull a prank on your best friend

  • Charlotte Soliven
    Charlotte Soliven 19 hours ago+4

    I wish my teacher loved slime this much. Making slime during school seems pretty cool!

  • Caroline Estrada
    Caroline Estrada 7 days ago+66

    Who's slime is much better?
    Like-sara Comment-katie

  • ly huong
    ly huong yesterday+1

    To be honest, rubbery things with slime are not a very good combination though

  • Vidz Cameron
    Vidz Cameron 1 months ago+948

    Seriously Sara, all your videos are superb but i would like to have a day Or night routine video like you used to do earlier❤❤❤❤❤ I miss the old sara❤❤
    💁 like if you miss the old Sara

  • hanin kaleempasha
    hanin kaleempasha 13 hours ago+1

    The videos were good before bit now I guess it just too much of washing. Although your others were good.

  • Stavroula Fountouzi
    Stavroula Fountouzi yesterday+1

    Hey Sara. Instead of slime videos, you can make a video with food hacks. I want to be a dietologist in future. Please don't make Troom Troom inspired videos. You are unique. Please don't be like other youtubers, that is against you.

  • Salvianiii YT
    Salvianiii YT 7 hours ago+1

    this is A NICE VID! Sara your amazing
    Unlike troom-troom vids😒 There're boring a f and logic is always on their vid.

  • Sakura Tube
    Sakura Tube yesterday

    The moment you play with glitter slime ALL the glitter goes under your nails

  • yoseline perez
    yoseline perez 1 months ago+1679

    Am I the only one who misses the old Sara that didn’t just follow trends for views

  • sheliza Singh
    sheliza Singh yesterday+1

    Sara slimes was a
    nd is the best their so stretchy

  • Thea Mackay
    Thea Mackay 22 hours ago+3

    I NEED that hoodie! Sara u look so pretty in it!! <3

  • john delaney
    john delaney yesterday+2

    I Loved Sara's slime. P.S. love your channl

  • Hanna Kim
    Hanna Kim 5 days ago+24

    3:22 we all know Sara's glitter obsession!
    I love your vids

  • Skye Dragun
    Skye Dragun 1 months ago+560

    Who else is happy she uploaded today😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Csaba Kiss
    Csaba Kiss yesterday

    This was the most stressful video I've ever watched ◎◎◎◎

  • Kasandra Carbajal
    Kasandra Carbajal 22 hours ago

    No no Sada Joyce looks like trash glittery 1 I like Katie's more

  • nilu akter
    nilu akter 7 days ago+8

    Like who are in Sarah""s Team & cmts who are in katie""s team,,,😍😍