Gillie Vs. Lil' Wayne

  • Published on:  7/16/2006
  • 1st video interview of Gillie Da Kid tellin' it like it really is!!!


  • Curry Shot You
    Curry Shot You 4 months ago+590

    Why am I here in 2019. Either way this is memories!

  • Beats by Confidence
    Beats by Confidence 2 years ago+439

    when did it become cool for daniel-son to diss mr. miyagi? probably one of the greatest lines of all time the way he delivered it. haha

  • Alain Brown
    Alain Brown a years ago+483

    They brought Gillie and Mack 10 in to ghost write for them! Wayne took the style, grabbed a dictionary stepped up his word play! Got tattooed up, adopted the Eastcoast slang and left earth 🌏💯

  • Jay Seth
    Jay Seth a years ago+144

    "You got one n** with a pistol and thats Jack, and he aint gon throw rice at a chinese wedding, lets keep it gangsta" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • KRock !
    KRock ! 4 months ago+156

    Gillie still in the same position, making YouTube and Instagram videos lol

  • Keith Woolridge
    Keith Woolridge 4 months ago+77

    I’m here in 2K19 and I remember this like yesterday! Wow 😮 💯

  • Amauri Entertainment
    Amauri Entertainment 11 months ago+153

    Bro talk so much he dont age

  • m TK
    m TK a years ago+151

    Is it just me or doesnt he look like Wayne if he didn't have hair 😂😂

  • Lee Wilson
    Lee Wilson 3 years ago+307

    i havnt seen anyone confront this dude yet it must be true.

  • YoungSubaru
    YoungSubaru 4 months ago+120

    Lol this one of the first videos I watched when I found out bout YouTube 😂

  • Zach Van Harris JR
    Zach Van Harris JR 4 months ago+77

    damn, my notifications damn near 13 years late lol smh

  • vq_nyek9103
    vq_nyek9103 4 months ago+28

    Throwback. The only dude that can talk that shit from sun up to sun down lol.

  • Nisha Bubblesstyles
    Nisha Bubblesstyles 2 months ago+17

    He aint write for wayne,wayne probably took a lil bit of his flow but thats it wayne been had bars yall stupid crazy..😂😂

  • SportyRabbit
    SportyRabbit 8 hours ago

    this dude would need a weapon for sure. tougher kids in elementary . This guys real names "Clarence". cringe worthy LMAO

  • liquid snake
    liquid snake 11 months ago+73

    Who's watching 2018?

  • Orlando Richardson

    Gille one of the most underated mcs ever, he spit bars

  • Leo Garcia-Cuesta
    Leo Garcia-Cuesta 2 days ago+1

    And he said it before Nicky!

  • Vaugenheim Nughnrn
    Vaugenheim Nughnrn 10 months ago+14

    If you started listening to rap after soulja boy you not gonna relate to this video.

  • 41dhanson
    41dhanson 4 years ago+36

    The interviewer works for fuse now.

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 3 years ago+256

    Gillie telling the truth.
    I remember this...
    Gillie gave birth to Wayns flow.
    Real as real can get...