Bag Going For A Walk

  • Published on:  3/14/2019
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  • MysticWolfMusic 4 months ago

    do you ever feel like a plastic bag

  • William Scott 16 hours ago

    Damn straight mystic this is some bullshit

  • purple haze777 22 hours ago


  • Sebastian Georgie 1 months ago

    👍🏼For the only guy who doesn’t use click bait

  • Christopher Nava 4 days ago

    200 like

  • Master Cain 5 days ago

    @Nevaeh Nevaeh that's 3 v 1 it's over pal 😂

  • ChompyDj 5 days ago

    I am disappointed, the plastic bag didn't look both ways before walking across!!!

  • ChompyDj he’s a ghost what does he care

  • Isabelle Harmony 2 days ago

    at least it's not a J-Walker

  • London Sawaya 2 months ago

    3:03I can already hear that kitten going “mOm you’re embarrassing meee”

  • Cartel Samar 21 hours ago

    @Andrew Siegel img hahahahaha! This literally had me dying!

  • BOI Nerf 2 days ago

    He’s just joking

  • Element-T_L 14 days ago

    This is what a humming bird looks likeAnd this is a baby humming bird*Literally shows us feathers chirping*

  • Cartel Samar 21 hours ago

    That literally creeped me out. I hate that.

  • Traye PaeaLio 3 months ago

    Me - Mum, I lost my plastic bagMum - Well, it couldn’t have just grown legs and run away!Me - Well... IT DID!

  • 2k fan 5 days ago

    @Sophia Quintero it's a joke

  • Traye PaeaLio 5 days ago


  • p0k0y0 1 months ago

    Therapist : Walking Plastic does not exist, it won't hurt you.*Walking Plastic* :

  • Nexus Playz 3 hours ago

    Hunting you

  • MadDog _21 20 days ago

    Ash from Pokémon: Woah, my plastic bag has just evolved into...A walking plastic bag!

  • sushi kow 3 days ago


  • Yuri Ashi 11 days ago

    MadDog _21 yasss

  • dccollectoraz 5 days ago

    Mom: where's the bag atKid: IDK you had itMom: what happened did it just grow legs and walk away Kid: i mean this one did

  • dccollectoraz 3 days ago

    Just wanted to make my own version

  • NoVa 01 4 days ago

    The original comment is literally two comments above u

  • Speedy9000 Speedy2000 1 months ago

    Mom: *TAKE OUT THE TRASHBAG!!!*Me: no, i dont want toMom: its not like, its gonna go by itself!!!Me: 0:07