The BEST ‘Avatar: Last Airbender’ Theories Explained!

  • Published on:  4/12/2019
  • There’s a reason why we’re still talking about Avatar almost 15 years after the show’s debut. The Avatar series, and its successor Korra, live in a thoroughly thought through universe that’s served as a master class in world building ever since. Obviously a show like that with an active, rabid fanbase is going to have a ton of speculation surrounding its unanswered questions. What’s up, guys?! I’m Kris Carr and today we’re looking at some of the best Avatar fan theories.#thelastairbender#avatarSupport us on Patreon ►► For More NerdWire! ►► @NerdWireHQ on Twitter ►► out our site: http://www.obsev.comLike us on Facebook: us on Instagram: us on ROKU:


  • Joker _
    Joker _ 4 months ago+547

    2019 and people are still talking about avatar... i love this

  • Colby Maloney-Nevin
    Colby Maloney-Nevin 4 months ago+144

    Here the true question, no one seems to want to asks, whatever happened to Sokka sword after he loses it near the end of the season... ? 💡

  • Iron Revenger9
    Iron Revenger9 4 months ago+210

    I’ve got a theory...
    The Avatar Wall of Fame shop owner is the foaming at the mouth teen from Kiyoshi Island as an old man.

  • Tom Vrabec
    Tom Vrabec 4 months ago+165

    My theory is that those who gained Airbending ability in Korra were related to the Air Nomads who fled from the temples but were hunted down, purely because it is unprobable forball airbenders to die during a single event and from the comic we know they were hunted

  • a e r a c u r a
    a e r a c u r a 4 months ago+146

    Amons mother was shown though.. looking very much not like Ty Lee, good theory though!

  • Skyrogue19
    Skyrogue19 4 months ago+70

    It always stung that Sokka didn’t appear in Korra. Missed opportunities of the old team Avatar interacting with the new team Avatar.

    HAMILTRON9000 4 months ago+103

    We do see Amon and Tarlock's mother, she is from the water tribe and she is definitely not ty lee.

  • TheTriumphgurl
    TheTriumphgurl 4 months ago+117

    Katarra being the avatar is a good theory, BUT the problem with that theory is that Katarra would’ve been born on the day of the Air Nomads extinction that took place a CENTURY before series began and several years before the waterbenders were taken from the South Water Tribe.

  • Dragø
    Dragø 4 months ago+62

    The only reason Zuko and Azula's mom is not a blood relative is because Azulon wanted Ozai to marry Avatar Roku's granddaughter.

  • Blind AMV's
    Blind AMV's 4 months ago+39

    Amon's mother is shown in the series. His mother is also theorized to be one of the little healer girls from the north in ATLA. Similar hair loopies

  • Loli4lyf
    Loli4lyf 4 months ago+66

    I keep questioning myself for years. "Is avatar actually an anime?"

  • geek lord 123
    geek lord 123 4 months ago+48

    "yue gave sakka his sword" are you sure sakka dident give yue his sword
    ill lead my self out

  • Uni corn
    Uni corn 4 months ago+18

    Ty Lee is pretty brave.
    Fighting hundreds of warriors with nothing but her hands, that's one thing.
    But chi locking ThE mOsT POweRFuL FIreBendEr IN ThE WOrlD?!
    Damn she has some big lady balls

  • Lynton Fleming
    Lynton Fleming 4 months ago+35

    You know, if you read the comics, all of these are answered.

  • IT K
    IT K 4 months ago+20

    When she says Amon is ty lee's son is a no brainer am like yeah cause you didn't use your brain

    MR. PHENOMENAL 4 months ago+57

    Did you guys know Korra related to Princess Yue? I think it's possible Korra related to avatar Kuruk. I feel like all the main characters from Aang to Korra are somehow related or connected.

  • 01Danni10
    01Danni10 4 months ago+23

    So... you're saying Ty Lee gave up on being a Kiyoshi Warrior and went to the Northern Water Tribe and Married Yakone!!?
    That doesn't make any Sense! 😂

  • Bas de Vries
    Bas de Vries 4 months ago+14

    Does anyone know that theory that Momo is the reincarnation of monk gyatso?

  • FamSamitySam
    FamSamitySam 4 months ago+39

    Korra doesn't live in a "master class of world building" it's got a lot of plot holes and weak writing compared to ATLA

  • Tai Perez
    Tai Perez 4 months ago+15

    Honestly, these theories weren’t very good. A lot of them boil down to people having things in common. That Toph and Sokka theory sounds more like fanfiction than anything else.