The Most Important Person is YOU: How to Start Investing in Yourself

  • Published on:  7/29/2020
  • Did you know you are an asset? The skills and experiences that you can bring to the table in your respective field are unique and show your value. But you can also work on yourself to perfect your craft making you an even more esteemed individual. Successful individuals make sure that they constantly invest in themselves - whether it be in their clothes, certifications or nonverbal mannerisms - because they understand their value needs to be work on insistently.

    In this video, I will be diving into three main aspects of life, Mental, Physical and Emotional, that accomplished individuals also focus on regularly. Additionally, I will touch on why you should be your biggest fan at ALL times.

    Video Time Stamps

    0:00 You Should not Be Your Enemy
    0:28 Introduction
    0:37 Video Overview

    Mental Aspect
    0:48 Mental Subtopics
    0:55 Knowledge is Essential
    1:40 Importance of Mental Health
    2:35 The Magic of Meditation

    Physical Aspect
    3:31 Physical Subtopics
    3:37 Exercise Everyday
    4:05 Eating Consistently and Properly
    5:51 Your Body NEEDS Water

    Mental Aspect
    7:03 Mental Subtopics
    7:13 You Should not Dwell on the Past
    8:06 The Special Power of Support Groups
    8:55 Why You Need to Forgive

    9:51 Be your BIGGEST Fan
    10:31 A.R.M.D./Recap
    11:13 Outro

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