Fighters Getting Angry at Ariel Helwani



  • ꧁TheIndescribableOne꧂
    ꧁TheIndescribableOne꧂ 3 months ago+4776

    Ariel could literally just breathe and Rampage would get pissed 😂🤣😆

  • Guillermo
    Guillermo 1 months ago+1506

    If this guy died, rampage would be the one to mourn the most

  • Raul Sanchez
    Raul Sanchez 1 months ago+1771

    Ariel blinks twice..
    Rampage.. Man why you gotta blink like that

  • reloads gazzy
    reloads gazzy 1 months ago+899

    I swear Ariel and Rampage need a comedy tv show together 😂😂😂

  • Tremendous Bloke
    Tremendous Bloke 1 months ago+709

    Dana: You never ask questions about the fight, you try to antagonize and aggravate him.
    Ariel: God forbid, no no.
    Dana: Do you have any questions about the fight?
    Ariel: Not right now.

  • Gabriel Dantas
    Gabriel Dantas 2 months ago+3939

    He's like the nerdy guy that everybody hates cause he would always ask about the teacher about the homework LOL

  • Brian Follendorf
    Brian Follendorf 1 months ago+611

    Dana yelling "welcome to my world" is gold

  • Røei {YJB}
    Røei {YJB} 7 days ago+93

    Ariel: exists
    Rampage : why you gotta exist like dat?

  • Given Mereb
    Given Mereb 1 months ago+346

    Nick : where I come from, people like that get slapped

  • Aaronamour
    Aaronamour 14 days ago+162

    Ariel: Good morning, Rampage, how you doing today?
    Rampage: Man, why you gotta be asking me shit like that?

  • SupremeSanda
    SupremeSanda 1 months ago+357

    Ariel's interview with Rampage is already better than 80% stand up comedy out there 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Logan Ryan
    Logan Ryan 1 months ago+463

    Dana literally took the words right out of his mouth 😂😂😂 shows how predictable he is

  • Foxtrot6624
    Foxtrot6624 1 months ago+229

    Ariel Hawani Vs any fighter would be the best selling UFC ppv of all time

  • Nicolai By
    Nicolai By 21 days ago+143

    Can't tell if Rampage really likes or hates Ariel Helwani haha.
    Strangest beef ever or they're bros!

  • wharton2o
    wharton2o 21 days ago+115

    “Welcome to my world, Leonard!” - Dana white

  • MaQattacK
    MaQattacK 4 days ago+13

    Damn I feel like Ariel built mma media and ufc media

  • Hamed Jabrah
    Hamed Jabrah 3 days ago+5

    Dana shouting from the distance "Welcome to my world Leonard" 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Danny S
    Danny S 2 months ago+134

    This dude should never stop interviewing 😂 its comedy

  • Luke McShane
    Luke McShane 4 months ago+3278

    I feel like he became a UFC journalist, with the sole intention of getting the shit beat out of him by one of the fighters and just retiring from the lawsuit 😂

  • E
    E 1 months ago+85

    Ariel and Rampage need their own show. Rampage checks him every episode and Ariel manages to get on Rampage’s good side at the end with a moral to each finale lmao