Is LeBron James Jr Better Than His Dad was At 13 Years Old?



  • Balantismpotousis
    Balantismpotousis 30 minutes ago+1

    We dont know who is the new king of the basketball. I think the new king its not famous. Its a simple kid like me and you. Who know maybe like antetokounmpo maybe its your friend your cousin your brother. Dont be stupid. When your dad is famous and the best player dont mean you are too brooo

  • BMF 69
    BMF 69 an hour ago

    Don't do that to him. Let him live.

  • Jacob Lebeck
    Jacob Lebeck an hour ago

    I'm the same age as him, but my boy Collin Bauer is pretty damn good, and so is his twin Carson. Watch out world, the class of 2023 is comin

  • thekillakid99
    thekillakid99 2 hours ago

    This kid is gunna just like his dad but shot like KD 😱😱

  • tv watchers
    tv watchers 3 hours ago+1

    2:11 what is that kid doing🤣

  • Dr. Royalty
    Dr. Royalty 4 hours ago

    He's got his father's forehand & hairline for sure by looking at the thumbnail.

  • isbyk77
    isbyk77 7 hours ago

    A gang of adults bashing a 13 year old kids 13 year old kids... Sad

  • briante8206
    briante8206 10 hours ago

    Bronny is better because he was taught by a professional, trained by one and had a healthy life, Lebron was self taught, trained by himself and had a pretty hard life.

  • sleuth 2077
    sleuth 2077 17 hours ago

    Bronny seems to have a good head on his shoulders for growing up in a mega rich family. That might be the biggest key to his success, that other kids of superstar athletes, are lacking.

  • brum brum daddy
    brum brum daddy 17 hours ago

    Wat is bron and Serena Williams had a baby

  • Red__lion
    Red__lion 20 hours ago

    Lebrons not better than mike 3:00

  • Kike Dorame
    Kike Dorame 21 hours ago

    Bronny James is better

  • Paul Piper
    Paul Piper yesterday

    Jr. looks like he copied Shumpert's haircut. Only about 5 more years to wait and see if he gets drafted by the Lakers.He's probably ready now. lol

  • David Dickte
    David Dickte yesterday

    wrong lebron sr is better

  • sakamuras s
    sakamuras s yesterday

    is it me or does the son look weak ass? he's scrawny compared to his dad at the same age.

  • Hani's Pawn
    Hani's Pawn yesterday

    Lets just hope that his basketball sense is on par with his father

  • Chris
    Chris yesterday

    Hell no LBJ way better. Raw natural talent

  • Keith young
    Keith young yesterday

    Yes he is

  • cicirunner
    cicirunner yesterday

    He has hops but average handles and no real crossover moves to get past defenders. He's pretty good but not going to make the NBA.

  • Broskinos S
    Broskinos S 2 days ago+1

    Me at 11
    No training
    Big dude
    Played all sports
    Also watch my channel