Is LeBron James Jr Better Than His Dad was At 13 Years Old?



  • Matt Frazier
    Matt Frazier 4 months ago+3100

    He should just suddenly decide to take up music or art or something suddenly and piss everybody off.

  • Rafhael De Sola
    Rafhael De Sola 5 months ago+1885

    Is lebron james better than lebron james?
    Yes, lebron james is better than lebron james

  • AkeMusic
    AkeMusic 6 months ago+1098

    What if the other son turns out better than both of them lol 🤔...plot twist.

  • Roxy Cotton
    Roxy Cotton 5 months ago+949

    Showing clips of LeBron at like 16 then showing clips of jr at 13

  • can we get 6,000 subs with few videos?

    me at 13
    4'9 feet tall
    never reached the net
    never been good
    dont be like me

  • Colin Sheedy
    Colin Sheedy 3 months ago+610

    2:12 lol what was the defender doing!? (#3)

  • Raven Maningas
    Raven Maningas 5 months ago+398

    Lebron started with nothing but a Dream

  • J Views
    J Views 1 months ago+165

    Difference between then 2 is that LeBron was on survival mode struggling to the max.

  • John Neville
    John Neville 4 months ago+311

    The most important question: will Junior's work ethic match Senior's?
    Especially given that Junior already has a 7 figure trust fund...

  • Lanky Lanky
    Lanky Lanky 8 months ago+1085

    I think lebron mentioned once in an interview that he wants to be the first nba player to play in a game with his son.

  • J J
    J J 4 months ago+80

    This kid has a lot of expectations on him which is going to be rough for a kid to handle.

  • MoTaKez
    MoTaKez 4 months ago+212

    I am 5'9 And i am 30 yrs old

  • Michael Valentino
    Michael Valentino 2 months ago+67

    But did Lebron have a NBA dad to couch him when he was 13 nah he didn’t

  • Jakob Norris
    Jakob Norris 2 months ago+56

    I met Bronny in Santa Monica, he's about my height, i'm 6.1

  • The Legacy
    The Legacy 14 days ago+14

    what if lebron jr marries one of kobe's daughters
    kareem abdul jabbar reincarnation

  • Renu Changia
    Renu Changia 5 months ago+38

    bronny will be better in college though
    kush here
    give a thumbs up

  • Zorc Necrophades
    Zorc Necrophades 4 months ago+120

    Is LeBron James Jr Better Than His Dad was At 13 Years Old?
    No, no he is not.

  • wondie
    wondie 4 months ago+47

    Bron Jr is gonna be closer to his peak being trained and polished at a young age. Obviously will improve but these 2nd gen athletes never live up to he hype.

  • OG_clyppz
    OG_clyppz 2 months ago+23

    2:10 what was number 3 doin

  • Derek Robinson
    Derek Robinson 2 months ago+16

    Just like life, he with the head start usually goes further.... LeBron Jr is BUILT to be better than Bron Sr....The biggest intangible will be HEART!!! Time will tell......