Hacking Police Body Cameras | WIRED



  • Ryan C
    Ryan C a years ago+72

    Can't police radios and computers also be hacked, tracked and manipulated?

  • Kaalyn
    Kaalyn a years ago+62

    The narration was dry, the information extremelyyyy important.

  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird a years ago+45

    could she hack my fridge and fill it up with some food? Iam hungry.

  • Silver Spy
    Silver Spy a years ago+141

    The narrator seems so dull.Woupd be better if someone enthusiastic would have done it

  • BuzzedAldrin
    BuzzedAldrin a years ago+134

    The reporter is either high or lacks any emotion

  • matt carnes
    matt carnes a years ago+34

    I’m just hoping police don’t try to use this as an excuse to remove body cams

  • Justin
    Justin a years ago+21

    Can u share this on GitHub lmao😂😂

  • Matty P
    Matty P a years ago+5

    Virtually all body cams that I see actually being used by law enforcement are made by Axon. Specifically under the Axon brand so if Axon cams aren’t vulnerable then this is mostly a moot point.

  • thezoexperience1
    thezoexperience1 a years ago+2

    I thought I was watching a VICE video for a second there.

  • Justin
    Justin a years ago+11

    So these things just send out a wifi beacon? And he uses a 2.4 ghz antenna to get some more range? And they use a furnable easy webUI to store videos right? Becouse that whould be pretty stupid

  • john pardon
    john pardon a years ago+2

    now, police cams on twitch, someone do it.
    hey harry, there is something in my donut.

  • Automobile Addict
    Automobile Addict 3 days ago

    Police can add, delete or even spy on you through your overpriced bio metric data collecting smartphone. It’s about time some one gave them a taste.

  • Juliana Fontaine
    Juliana Fontaine a years ago+1

    Bonsoir bonne vidéo je likee 432
    Amitié Juliana


    As I have said before if you can connect it to the internet it can be hacked 🙄

  • b0nes
    b0nes a years ago+1

    Pretty sure this part was staged it just looks cringy af to me

  • Eric Bowman
    Eric Bowman a years ago

    Imagine Jerry meeting Norman's Granddaughter...

  • omar khalaf
    omar khalaf a years ago+5

    Hmmmm what type of laptop and operating system does he use?

  • More Baklava pls شكرا

    does everyting need to be wifi connected seriously? just make the body cams recording devices without internet

  • Drake
    Drake a years ago

    thanks for the idea!!!

  • Daniel Thyringer
    Daniel Thyringer 10 months ago

    Cloud streaming