Coronavirus cases surge in India's capital Delhi | DW News

  • Published on:  6/26/2020
  • Coronavirus cases have surged in India since restrictions were lifted in early June. The country recorded its highest daily spike of new cases on Wednesday for a second consecutive day. Nearly 16,000 further infections have been recorded bringing the national total to more than 455,000. Concerns are growing in Delhi, which has surpassed Mumbai's COVID-19 tally with 70,000 confirmed cases, making the capital the worst-hit city. Delhi's authorities are not only faced with the unprecedented challenge of stopping the spread of the coronavirus, a shortage of beds is also major ongoing issue, with health facilities buckling under the strain. The Indian capital's luxury hotels and stadiums could be turned into field hospitals. Even spiritual centers in Delhi are designated for conversion to COVID-19 care facilities, while officials are rushing to extend testing to millions of residents.

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