DON'T Push The Wrong Button Challenge!

  • Published on:  2/8/2019
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  • Patrick Seijo
    Patrick Seijo 6 months ago+144

    Wait. Gunner actually participated in a video and wasn’t just “the commissioner”?

  • Vicious Blobfish
    Vicious Blobfish 6 months ago+170

    " if he gets 63 I'm gonna poop"
    - Connor 2019

  • rebecca hales
    rebecca hales 6 months ago+203

    Woods: how big is your foot long?
    Connor: giving the look
    Woods: realises what he had said A foot long

  • Jewl C
    Jewl C 6 months ago+148

    this video gave me so much anxiety omg

  • Levi Trygstad
    Levi Trygstad 6 months ago+82

    To bad mich is gone

  • Britney Lynn
    Britney Lynn 6 months ago+40

    I already miss Mitch and his comments 😂

  • Lily G
    Lily G 6 months ago+53

    Whatever you do, don't press this button.
    I am Groot.
    😂😂😂 This is only thing I could think about while watching this.

  • sportsfan90
    sportsfan90 6 months ago+29

    Reason not to wear nice shoes on REKT 9:09

  • Nathan Reaperz
    Nathan Reaperz 6 months ago+26


  • Abigail_Taylor
    Abigail_Taylor 6 months ago+68

    Gunner looks like a skater boi, no offense or shade or tea. #skaterGunner

  • Noah Mirling
    Noah Mirling 6 months ago+16

    anyone else missing tanner??

  • Maeve Kelly
    Maeve Kelly 6 months ago+187

    Im absolutely loving the consistent uploads, and the content yall are producing!

  • Full-Metal-Girl
    Full-Metal-Girl 6 months ago+10

    "How big is your footlong?"😏
    That dinging is gonna haunt me for life now.

  • frox 55
    frox 55 6 months ago+16

    Hey whats this button do?
    sums it all up

  • Queen_of_Nerds3245
    Queen_of_Nerds3245 6 months ago+18

    I love woods so much😂

  • Gin Margo
    Gin Margo 6 months ago+4

    may i say everyones hair is looking FOINE in this vid. including woods' hat.

  • berna cryingcinnamonpie
    berna cryingcinnamonpie 6 months ago+4

    I think Woods deserve that 50 dollars he has been loosing so much against Conner 😂😂😂

  • Shadow of Nightingale
    Shadow of Nightingale 6 months ago+4

    Woods: Is Connor coming back!?
    Ladies and gentlemend i now give you the #connorcomeback

  • Kira K-pop
    Kira K-pop 6 months ago+9

    Me: will gunner get the buzzer?
    unskippable 20 second ad appears
    Me: UGHHH

  • David Bernal
    David Bernal 6 months ago+16

    Who is the new camera man ( or woman)