Boyfriend & girlfriend compatibility test 2.0 (things get



  • abby mccormick
    abby mccormick 6 months ago+7659

    lauren has left the chat

  • luna seavey
    luna seavey 5 months ago+354

    Why did all of a sudden Alex appears on every video of a girl I don’t know.

  • Natalie Montalvo
    Natalie Montalvo 6 months ago+1084

    Lauren and Alex were a GOOD COUPLE 😭😭😭 I still don’t get why they broke up #laurex

  • Lazy Boy
    Lazy Boy 6 months ago+699

    3:00 not Canada because that is where my ex(Lauren) is in.

  • Harneet D
    Harneet D 5 months ago+236

    Lauren is dating Someone
    Alex is dating someone
    And safiya is getting married

  • nitch
    nitch 6 months ago+1192

    kian & lauren has left the chat

  • Claudia Ascencio
    Claudia Ascencio 6 months ago+596

    I am sorry but I am not a fan of flex I am still a fan of laurex💝 haven't got over it still have questions 🤔🤔??????

  • Crybaby Squawww
    Crybaby Squawww 5 months ago+181

    100% comments talking about Lauren
    0% enjoy this video.
    I'm part of the 100%...

  • Hanna Banana
    Hanna Banana 5 months ago+56

    Guys stop mentioning laurex. The past is past, let him be happy! Lauren moved on already. So what if Franny and Alex are dating?! Let Alex be happy!
    Edit: Had to fix a mistake

  • Chainie Ausan
    Chainie Ausan 6 months ago+224

    im over with laurex, Alex and lauren has moved on in their relationship so all of us should stop shipping lauren and alex i missed laurex too but just leave them alone they also deserve to live with their happiness.

  • Tattiana Ledon
    Tattiana Ledon 6 months ago+3586

    *Kian has left the chat*

  • Mikayla Mangalino
    Mikayla Mangalino 6 months ago+92

    no hate or anything but Alex has changed alot

  • Aethletic _Mia
    Aethletic _Mia 6 months ago+295

    ARE THEY DATING😱😱😱 I want to cry because I miss lauren
    Edit: thank you so much for the likes also I am proud of Alex if he is dating anyone and Lauren which I know she is dating someone so yea I’ll still miss them

  • Camila Ortiz
    Camila Ortiz 6 months ago+39

    I thought Lauren won’t end! I also thought they just had a nap

  • Mimmi Eds
    Mimmi Eds 5 months ago+34

    Tattoos or no tattoos
    Alex: yes....

  • itz _kaylee
    itz _kaylee 5 months ago+25

    Stop commenting “laurex” it’s annoying they are over!!!! 😑😑😑

  • Muffin XD
    Muffin XD 6 months ago+70

    Why whenever after laurex broke up people do a collab with Alex and put boyfriend in the title!!!

  • Jordin Vlogs
    Jordin Vlogs 5 months ago+30

    99.99% of the comments are about Lauren🤷🏽‍♀️

  • trish libres
    trish libres 6 months ago+9

    "this will be a great video to show our kids one day."
    lauren and kian left the chat
    oKAY but y'all would be so cute together. u get along so well!

  • Medha Seelam
    Medha Seelam 6 months ago+2270

    Kian makes a video with Lauren
    Franny makes a video with Alex