O.J. Simpson Shows Off His New Life in Las Vegas

  • Published on:  6/10/2019
  • O.J. Simpson is showing off his new life in Las Vegas nearly two years since his release from prison and 25 years since the death of his ex-wife. In exclusive photos for the Associated Press, Simpson posed in his home office, which features books by thriller authors like John Grisham. In another photo, he's in the garden, grinning and wearing a floral shirt. Two days before the 25th anniversary of the murder of his ex-wife, he told the AP the slaying is "the subject I will never revisit again."


  • ImMarksman _ 1 months ago

    Welcome to my house! As you can see there is no one in my closet

  • ale84 1 months ago

    If he shows his crib, you must acquit.

  • Steven Farmer 1 months ago

    This dude has the luck of the devil, always lands on his feet somehow.

  • O. K. 15 days ago

    Law should change for criminals, that guy deserves to be in jail forever

  • Aamra Kamran 20 days ago


  • Mercinda 1 months ago

    Send Lisa Guerrero

  • Sheron Jackson 1 months ago

    🆗️ 😂🤣

  • Hondo 500E 1 months ago

    She can go harass him like she did to the rich guy and his expensive jet. Like who tf cares. OJ did his time, just leave em alone...sheesh.

  • Strong Black Panther 1 months ago

    I’m not Black, I’m O.J. - O.J. Well OKAY- Jay-Z

  • unapologetically me 1 months ago

    Jay z explained oj perfectly lol

  • Big Wagon 1 months ago

    Strong Black Panther ayyyyy

  • Ben DuhPhukOver 1 months ago

    *O.J. Simpson* : That my friends is how you get away with murder and still retire in Las Vegas.

  • Daniel Zechariah 1 months ago

    He never killed anybody. These two weren’t killed. Nicole lives and is on the TV daily. She is Megyn Kelly. Wake up!! Slandering the wrong person. He was framed!! Don’t trust the media, seek the truth. Or you will be spoon fed propaganda and get a taste for it.

  • Ben DuhPhukOver 1 months ago

    There 🤔

  • Jack Penn 1 months ago

    Now that OJ Simpson has been replaced by Bill Cosby, the original has been released from jail!

  • Lucas Harris 28 days ago

    Carolina Gonzalez S. What?

  • @Lucas Harris You don't have physical against Bill Cosby.

  • keto mo 1 months ago

    the Juice is loose..

  • boogiebutters 1 months ago

    The Juice is still loose.

  • Sheron Jackson 1 months ago

    Lmbo 🤣😂

  • SickKent 1 months ago

    _If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit!_

  • Helena K. 1 months ago

    Khloe Kardashian get your dad 💀😂