Adults React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge #4

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
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  • Sara Zamora 9 months ago


  • Kids try not to sing shopkins version

  • Itzmia 0711 9 months ago

    *pulls out moana necklace* I choked on my tea

  • Zara Miah 9 months ago

    Itzmia 0711 Thought I was the only one 😂😂

  • eva dubasak 9 months ago

    i see Brendon anywhere and click

  • discreet_sand 9 months ago

    me though honestly

  • Adam the guy who can sing twenty one pilots and Panic at the disco, but also moana

  • Skiddadlez 9 months ago

    I remember when Adam was on teens react.

  • Deathninja193 8 months ago

    I remember him playing last of us

  • Danara De Jong  9 months ago

    I write sins not tragedies: *starts playing*Adam: *screams*I SCREAMED TOO YOU'RE NOT ALONE I LOST IT

  • Beebo 9 months ago

    When I see mr disco I click(Brendon)

  • Brian De Castro 9 months ago

    Try not to sing: Kahoot theme song

  • Abram SF 9 months ago

    I failed like half of these. Burst out laughing when he pulled out Maui’s hook.

  • Abram SF 9 months ago

    TheMrs1978 thank you!! ✌️

  • TheMrs1978 9 months ago

    abram SF luv your vids(:

  • KaylaAtTheDisc o 9 months ago

    *I see Brendon I click*

  • Violet Willow 9 months ago