Why Trisha hasn't been in my videos...



  • Debbie Forsythe
    Debbie Forsythe 23 hours ago

    Dump Trisha, chest so full of shit. She's disgusting the way she stuffs her face, boycott her my mission!

  • vanessa pinky
    vanessa pinky 2 days ago

    What’s the name of the intro song?

  • Charlee Mallinson
    Charlee Mallinson 6 days ago+1

    He only wants her for the money

  • Charlee Mallinson
    Charlee Mallinson 6 days ago

    Trisha needs a better man someone who agrees with what she wants she’s young enough to still get married have kids a house

  • Sarah Bull
    Sarah Bull 7 days ago+1

    Why would he keep a video up white so many attack’s on someone he supposedly loves. He knows he is going to get views. What a pathetic human being he is.

  • Victoria Vieregge
    Victoria Vieregge 9 days ago

    Trish had one a little too many at lunch if unowutisayin

  • Annabelle Elizabeth
    Annabelle Elizabeth 13 days ago+1

    When they are eating what Trish says is sooooo frustrating. He shouldn’t have to move in with you after 8 months!

  • puravidagirl
    puravidagirl 13 days ago+1

    Jasons girlfriend reminds me of Dogs wife. The Bounty Hunter. Can't remember her name. Right?

  • Kirstin Opal
    Kirstin Opal 15 days ago+2

    holy shit she's manipulative.

  • Ally Kay
    Ally Kay 15 days ago

    This is abuse
    I used to be one of her fishies.
    But.. no... trish you're a jerk

  • Ally Kay
    Ally Kay 15 days ago

    You can do better. Your age isn't off putting I would date you !!.
    Not proposing the idea !!

  • Crimson Lee
    Crimson Lee 17 days ago+1

    He’s so sweet and deserves better 😭❤️

  • MsNisha023
    MsNisha023 17 days ago

    This is sad to watch.

  • Claire W
    Claire W 20 days ago+2

    Break up.

  • Haley Levsen
    Haley Levsen 1 months ago+1

    *literally the definition of an unhealthy relationship*

  • Jessica Howey
    Jessica Howey 1 months ago

    that food looked good though

  • FortyLoveStyle
    FortyLoveStyle 1 months ago

    She's so young...

  • Jessie Austin
    Jessie Austin 1 months ago+1

    please, you can be friends with her if ya really want, just don't date her, shes just blatantly mean to you.

  • jian island
    jian island 1 months ago+1

    im sick of this bullshit

  • julia rose
    julia rose 1 months ago

    Their relationship makes me feel sad because they both have so much pent-up aggression towards each other... The way Jason laughed when the hairstylist made fun of Trisha without extentions...an unusually long laugh for such a joke demeaning his girlfriend. My boyfriend would snicker but then say, "No, she's beautiful with or without." And there's so many instances of these situations. I hope they've worked on things and are happier. They bring out the worst in each other but are both good people, seeing them like this is painful.