Why Trisha hasn't been in my videos...

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
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  • Melissa Kates
    Melissa Kates 11 months ago+1333

    This is literally textbook emotional abuse and narcissism. Get out of this while you still can. She constantly tries to guilt trip you and entrap you. She knocks down your self esteem to make you more vulnerable and can't stand to see you living on your own because she wants you to depend on her so you feel like you can't leave. It's ridiculous.

  • Ya Mane
    Ya Mane 11 months ago+318

    1. Trisha does not seem sober
    2. She’s mad he’s living in a new house with he’s kids which is absolutely insane
    3. She’s acting like crazy woman who might end up seriously hurting herself or Jason
    4. She needs serious mental help

  • Hannah
    Hannah 11 months ago+188

    this is embarrassing to watch...

  • Arezou Merzaie
    Arezou Merzaie 11 months ago+553

    Jason PLEASE LEAVE HER. FOR GOOD. She’s beyond BEYOND toxic or even remotely NORMAL. It’s so bad. She shows SO many red flags and you will never be happy with someone as toxic or negative as her or someone who puts you down the way she as or is as hypocritical

  • T MM
    T MM 10 months ago+156

    WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE ARE YOU SETTING FOR YOUR KIDS ABOUT THIS RELATIONSHIP! Just because she’s young doesn’t mean you are lucky to be with her . COME ON.. BE A BETTER MAN!

    DURTE DOM 11 months ago+3326

    ur videos need less trisha & more dom getting your mom faded 💖💖💖

  • OFFICIAL Party of 2
    OFFICIAL Party of 2 11 months ago+124

    She does anything to basically “punish” jason if he does anything she doesn’t want.
    Im so over this relationship. Its extremely toxic and disgusting to watch.

  • Tiffany Lincoln
    Tiffany Lincoln 11 months ago+226

    What was she on!?!? Wine and Benzos? This is toxicity to the extreme! Jason you already have eating and body issues I don’t think there is room for relationship issues. Move on and see yourself in a better light! Geez!

  • Deborah T
    Deborah T 11 months ago+183

    Does anyone remember when Trish was pressuring Jason to date her? Jason listed off all the reasons why he didn't want to get in a serious relationship . He wants to remain autonomous and be able to do what he would like for a change. If Jason marries Trisha, then he will do everything she wants. Plus he will get worn down by her constant demands and insecurities. She spends her money on frivolous things and doesn't listen to Jason's concerns about saving either. Trish could own a beautiful home paid off by now if she had made that a priority. But their priorities are way different. Jason needs space, quiet time, and family time with his children. He doesn't want or need to get married because he has already has two beautiful children. I don't think his previous wife was nearly so needy, clingy or cringy. (Edited typo)

  • Jacqueline C
    Jacqueline C 10 months ago+44

    “I’m not going to have a baby, I’m not going to get married so whatever might as well spend all my money” lmaoooo the manipulation.

  • Chelsea Kilpatrick
    Chelsea Kilpatrick 11 months ago+295

    Just watched 22 minutes of the definition of a toxic relationship

  • Brynn Roemer
    Brynn Roemer 11 months ago+618

    They must be running low on $$$ so Trisha had to turn up the crazy.

  • Hey CutiePie
    Hey CutiePie 10 months ago+66

    shes being super weird in this video like the whole thing shes constantly having this weird passive attitude towards jason. and hes not reacting to it lol so she keeps doing it. lol im uncomfortable.

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 11 months ago+54

    What a miserable woman. Idk how or why you put up with it. You deserve so much better

  • Lucky Charmers
    Lucky Charmers 11 months ago+412

    Please breakup forever

  • Roselia Thorn
    Roselia Thorn 11 months ago+398

    If Jason blacklisted the word 'toxic' from his comments there would only be 12 comments left.

  • Dead Below Zer0
    Dead Below Zer0 11 months ago+85

    Jason, she is using you for an emotional and social crutch. I’ve been through this. Leave. You have to leave. She is unstable

  • Lucky Charmers
    Lucky Charmers 11 months ago+624

    1) your WAY to old for her
    2) shes abusive
    3) you both are toxic with each other
    4) she gets hurt way to easily

  • Cecilia Cecilia
    Cecilia Cecilia 11 months ago+43

    How sad she has to price drop everything she buys smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ we get it trisha your rich Jason leaves you you are going to be cry regretting that you drove him away also you want to get married and family but you basically gave away a dog he got you so you won’t take care of it smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • mc hammer
    mc hammer 11 months ago+27

    Passive aggressive toxic girl who loves to play mind games.
    It's all about her wants and she completely dismisses his. Horrible girlfriend