English Slang VS Irish Slang!

  • Published on:  11/22/2017
  • An Irish person VS an English person try to guess the common slang from each others country!

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    Family Friendly pg clean

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  • Cal Arnold
    Cal Arnold  1 years ago+376

    Thanks for the massive support on the video 🙌🏼 if you’re new to the channel make sure you check out my vlogs if you are going to subscribe 📸

  • Justinstructable
    Justinstructable 3 hours ago+1

    Im from Ireland and i knew none of these i dont even know how to speak irish i sound more english tbh.

  • Callum Maher
    Callum Maher 3 hours ago

    He said the 1st vid done fairly well,this one got 1mil

  • Gerard Ryan
    Gerard Ryan 8 hours ago

    I am from mayo

  • Saoirse Gault
    Saoirse Gault 3 days ago

    Waster in de south of ireland is a druggie ahah

  • I do musik stuff
    I do musik stuff 4 days ago

    Ara shite lads the feckin shadez init fam dip bruv

  • lance mcClain
    lance mcClain 4 days ago

    Northern Irish :')

  • Goddess Of The Light

    amazing voice crack right there lads! XD

  • Jasmine Clarke
    Jasmine Clarke 5 days ago

    You’ve got 1M views and this was out 1 year ago. Congrats 💞💞🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • ScrapbookPoetry
    ScrapbookPoetry 5 days ago

    feds is not an english slang. young people nowadays

  • Diamond Arrow
    Diamond Arrow 5 days ago

    Is it just me or most of the irish slang in this video is also used in aberdeen

  • ToothHeadBoy
    ToothHeadBoy 6 days ago

    7:46 did he start fifa up or something

  • seth Timmins O'Brien

    Cal you should of said melter

  • Alex Evenden
    Alex Evenden 8 days ago

    What are you slagging Ireland about

  • Hurlingmadgirl 123456

    This is my Irish slang
    Ur man
    Ur wan
    Btw I’m Irish

  • Benas Daboss
    Benas Daboss 8 days ago


  • Tori C
    Tori C 8 days ago

    I'm English but i know more Irish slang then English

  • PaulaJ
    PaulaJ 9 days ago

    oh woow
    lmao i swr it’s *bait* 😂

  • Megan Geraghty
    Megan Geraghty 9 days ago

    I'm Irish

  • FionnARD1
    FionnARD1 10 days ago+1

    I’m irish but I live in Northern Ireland So half of the Irish ones we don’t use...