Best Laptops of CES 2019

  • Published on:  1/14/2019
  • We saw a lot of new laptops at CES 2019. Here are the 5 best non-gaming laptops we played with at the show. Let us know what you think of the list in the comments.Best Gaming Laptops of CES 2019: to our Youtube channel: us on social media:Facebook:


  • Alexander Radetsky 5 months ago

    0:22 - "...not only is it 17 inch, which we haven't seen many of..."1:47 - "This year at CES we've seen a large amount of 17 inch laptops..."

  • Samrat Babu Koirala 5 months ago

    Please do the best 2-1s !

  • Simon Forest 5 months ago

    Yessss !

  • Pro Gamer YT 5 months ago

    Best laptop will only be made by microsoft this year .All this lapotps are a small trial

  • Ammar Gasim 5 months ago

    The Asus ZenBook S13 should have been number one however it was totally missed, besides the Acer Swift 7!

  • Waris Amir Mohammad 5 months ago

    my envy 13 is as heavy as the 17" gram lmao

  • Nathan Ross 5 months ago

    Waris Amir Mohammad Which says something about the build quality of the 17" gram xd

  • Garvit Kumar Kalra 5 months ago

    Where is the new Dell XPS 13 9380?

  • Sayooj Ottapura 5 months ago

    Where is zenbook 13???😵

  • QvintoAlbertvs 5 months ago

    @Nathan RossWhat?! It's not true

  • Nathan Ross 5 months ago

    Sayooj Chenthamara In the trash, due to crappy build quality and terrible thermal performance

  • Michael 5 months ago

    Why no ASUS Zenbook 13S ?

  • Fakhri Mub 5 months ago

    +Omar El-Aasar i dont think they meant it had something bad just because its not on their top 5, its more like the 5 laptop on this list have something better thats worth considering

  • Omar El-Aasar 5 months ago

    Windows Central why is that? what is bad about it?

  • SayToe Charles 5 months ago

    1:20 Lenovo Yoga laptop but it's a clamshell??I thought yoga was reserved for convertables...

  • mega medow 5 months ago

    Will anyone ever make a 13-14 inch 2in1 with discrete graphics???The asus zenbook flip 14 was soo close, but it doesn't charge by usb-C.Does anyone have a suggestion? I need a laptop for university which starts in one month :O