Dean Ambrose and his personal SWAT team subdue Seth Rollins: Raw, Dec. 3, 2018



  • Zack Ryder :v
    Zack Ryder :v 2 hours ago

    Rivalry Beetween Swat Member and Seth Rollins, book it vince!

  • Mr TJKTV
    Mr TJKTV 9 hours ago

    This proves how fake wwe is lol Seth beating up a full swat team laughable!!

  • KingLeo52 Gd mate
    KingLeo52 Gd mate 16 hours ago+1

    Now when Roman comes back dean don’t say anything

  • gt0ttomann
    gt0ttomann 19 hours ago

    The cringe is real with this dean ambrose.

  • Gucci BC
    Gucci BC 20 hours ago

    Another elias

  • Kid Clout
    Kid Clout 23 hours ago

    Love how dean said Seth is a mad man but what are dressing as.....

  • Negar Nikbin
    Negar Nikbin yesterday

    Such lame n repetitive storyline it's like watching the face dean events with heel Seth but vise versa aaaaahhhhhhboth deserve better

  • Negar Nikbin
    Negar Nikbin yesterday

    Vividly remember how ppl shouted dean's name back in his feud with Seth n now vise versa!! What the hell is srikg with ppl , a fsn Amway's n always is s fan
    DA foreverrrr

  • Ana Reyes
    Ana Reyes yesterday

    If you hate dean ambrose and want him to get beat up by roman reigns and seth rollins like this comment

  • THE PX BROS profes


    TOXIC SLAYER yesterday

    I want dean ambrose to whem this rivalry

  • Jojo Rose
    Jojo Rose yesterday+1


  • Sho Co
    Sho Co yesterday

    What is wrong with dean he is such moron

  • Green x 108
    Green x 108 yesterday

    I was there

  • Sam Edsall
    Sam Edsall yesterday

    I’d rather see this than watch The Dark Knight Rises, honestly.

  • Keyson Scruggs
    Keyson Scruggs yesterday

    He's the best

  • James Miles
    James Miles 2 days ago

    Lol okayso can someone let me in on what in the hell ia going on because i haven't been watching for a month now and im lost😂 when did Ambrose go heel?

  • Joe Jarman
    Joe Jarman 2 days ago

    Make Ambrose part of Sanity!!!

  • D-Generation NES
    D-Generation NES 2 days ago

    He’s right. Houston Texas does suck

  • Nobody
    Nobody 2 days ago

    It's good to hear it from Rene 🤣