TWICE "What is Love?" M/V



  • Zara Zoya
    Zara Zoya 21 days ago+3911

    Who is most cute
    Tzuyu = like
    Sana = like
    Jihyo = like
    Momo = like
    Mina = like
    Nayeon = like
    Jeogyeon = like
    Chaeyoung = like
    Dahyun = like
    All = comment

  • I stole Jimins Jams
    I stole Jimins Jams yesterday+81

    TWICE: What is love?
    BTS: Fake Love
    BP: Let’s kill this love!

  • Fancy TWICE
    Fancy TWICE 14 days ago+2037

    Who will always support TWICE and JIHYO no matter what happens?

  • Vanessa Xavier
    Vanessa Xavier yesterday+18

    I will always have a special love for this song and this MV. They brought me to this fandom and I won’t ever leave it

  • Bry :3
    Bry :3 yesterday+15

    I think my favorite is when dahyun makes that movement with her eyesbrows at 1:43 SHE IS SO CUTE I CAN'T

  • zara loves wjsn
    zara loves wjsn a years ago+4699

    TWICE are not overrated, they are overhated
    and their music is not childish
    their music just makes people happy

  • Fancy TWICE
    Fancy TWICE 7 days ago+689

    Movie references in the MV:
    0:31 Ghost - 1990
    0:49 Pulp Fiction - 1994
    1:07 Romeo and Juliet - 1996
    1:14, 2:43 Love Letter - 1995
    1:23 La La Land - 2016
    1:42 La Boum - 1980
    2:19-2:31 Leon:The Professional- 1994
    2:39 The Princess Diaries - 2001

  • Crystalstar 455
    Crystalstar 455 5 days ago+172

    When someone says 'what is love', there are only two types of people.
    The one who says, 'baby don't hurt me no more'
    And the one who says, 'I wanna know know know know!'

  • 트와이스 짱
    트와이스 짱 yesterday+11

    Fighting for Mina and Twice
    Fighting for WIL 330M views
    Fighting for WIL 2.7 likes

  • 190811Jeon Jungkook
    190811Jeon Jungkook 2 days ago+116

    I feel like this is one of the most creative mvs I’ve seen

    HI I'M MOMO 28 days ago+3093

    Twice: what is love
    Momoland: it is wonderful love
    Mamamoo: love is love
    Bts: no, it's fake love
    Blackpink: OK then, let's kill this love
    Exo: OK, let's bring the love shot

  • Angela Quintua
    Angela Quintua 2 days ago+52

    Twice: what is love?
    Ikon: love scenario
    Exo: its a love shot..
    Bts: its fake love!!!
    Blackpink: let's kill this love!!

  • Naing Min Oo
    Naing Min Oo 23 hours ago+6

    3 music video under 3m likes
    1. TT 2.8M
    2.Fancy 2.8M
    3. What is love 2.6M

  • Elis Athirah
    Elis Athirah 14 days ago+378

    Can't believe Jihyo finally found her answer uwuwuwu
    while I'm over here still tryna memorize DubChaeng's rap

  • Crazy Died
    Crazy Died 7 days ago+345

    I'm smiling because all the popular coments about Jihyo and Daniel

  • yeah,twice is love
    yeah,twice is love 7 months ago+3629

    The last digit of your like is who you are!
    1. Tzuyu
    Comment who you got! I am the first like so I am Tzuyu!💖
    EDIT: LOL I forgot 0 if you get 0 then you pick!

  • mary jiali binco
    mary jiali binco 3 days ago+152

    EXO: Then well hit them with the LOVE SHOT
    Twice: but... WHAT IS LOVE

  • mar two
    mar two 17 hours ago+6

    ONCE on Friday, August 23, 2019 starting at 4:00 p.m. Until 10 o'clock p.m. there will be massive reproduction of "What is love" by Twice we ask for your support, let's show Twice how much he loves Once! pass this messages please
    Let's do it for the girls !!!!

  • Teudoongie Trash
    Teudoongie Trash 6 days ago+78

    Let's get 350m before Twice's 4th anniversary. Hwaiting! We can do it!

  • Dhrew Ermino
    Dhrew Ermino yesterday+4

    if you just think about how deep this song is, you'll cry. i mean, we JUST WANT TO FEEL HOW TO BE IN LOVE IS THAT HARD