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  • EverythingApplePro 5 months ago

    Hey and guys this video was super hard to make no joke, we worked for 2 days on it so would appreciate a 👍. Thanks everyone for supporting my Apple dream ❤️

  • E Pacho 4 months ago

    EverythingApplePro am used to to your apple video but you super cute 🥰🥰🥰😍 i would merry a boy like you

  • adham muhsin 5 months ago

    hope so much to apple that it support iphone se ios 13

  • killer mascot 5 months ago

    The bird was send by android 😂

  • Luke Greengrow an hour ago


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  • I would prefer for apple to only refresh the iPhone every 2 years with bigger upgrades but we have to wait longer this would give them time to perfect and add more things to their iPhones and it would allow for more sales as it will be more compelling to buy AND it will have been longer since the previous release!

  • Servine 5 months ago

    I would prefer if Apple didn't scam their customers by selling low quality products for a fortune and forcing their customers to buy new ones.

  • WouldBeSapient 5 months ago

    Except this will never be their model. It will never happen because they will usually make more money in the long run than not basing it off their current one.People who buy Apple products exclusively will always buy their products no matter the interval between them.Apple does not listen to user feedback but rather gives feedback to the user. They, Apple, decide what trend is to be set for the user and not the user. This is from product design to how often it is released.

  • Mr. Tattoo ASMR 5 months ago

    Siri needs a major upgrade.

  • John Doe 2 months ago

    @Demi K Completely agree. I have never used neither siri nor google, nor cortana. Why do they even spend time and money to improve that shit, except for people with disability I guess. It's not like you are going to be walking down the street and speaking to siri like some retard you are

  • Demi K 4 months ago

    who the fak use siri dude i have all iphones and never used this bullshit

  • Tech1Tv 5 months ago

    Apple got 2 choices to make before 2020 or they'll be in 2nd place behind Samsung. #1. Take $100 of every iPhone 11#2. Make iOS 13 a big update

  • SM-317 4 months ago

    Tim Cook is a bitch

  • Chandu Kale 4 months ago

    Yes, it needs to be cheaper or so much more exciting than the competition.

  • MarioG204 5 months ago

    Apple needs to keep their phones under $750

  • Cali Killa Klown 4 months ago

    Servine my 2017 iPhone X was $1200 and I’m happy with it

  • Cali Killa Klown 4 months ago

    MarioG204 you can always get a iPhone 7🤷‍♂️

  • Press Read More (Trust Me It's Good)You have great luck forever :) Thumbs up to activate 😊

  • Olerius 123 3 months ago

    A YouTube Channel with no name I’m reporting YOU FOR SPAM

  • Edit _ Central 5 months ago

    @Salman Hussain i curse all your loved ones to die like your mom😂☺

  • Gurleen Singh 5 months ago

    Google is taking software to another levelSamsung is taking hardware to another levelApple is taking price to another level.

  • Jayloo Updates 3 months ago

    @trstnhn cuz ur an apple loving nigga, fuck that I've had an iPhone and since I switched to Samsung I'm never going back, should be getting the S10+ next week

  • Jayloo Updates 3 months ago

    @Tech Nerd he look Mexican, but ur autistic self ain't even smart if you assumed he's Indiian, and it's a joke u mad cuz u can't make a better one pussy ass, stfu

  • Just keep your old iPhones. We need to go on strike. When they see that nobody is buying the newest iPhones, they will start to lower the prices drastically.

  • Kevin Martinez 4 months ago


  • Servine 4 months ago

    @The Plasma Gameimator good.

  • Erik 5 months ago

    Always gets so excited about these videos, don't know why, haha! ;)

  • EverythingApplePro 5 months ago

    Love you too :)