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  • Aisha Doll
    Aisha Doll 1 months ago+700

    Zara N0or abbas pr0ved it k ap pure kapre me bhi film krskti h0 Or Fam0us bhi h0skte hen. i l0ve her😍😘😘

  • Ali Faran
    Ali Faran 28 days ago+446

    Everyone is talking about Zara noor and guy in black coat meanwhile Maya and shehryar be like
    "Are we a joke to you 😂"

  • phatyma Malik
    phatyma Malik 21 days ago+416

    shukr h hamari aik actress ny toh full dressing ki .. we should appreciate toh zara Noor 😇

  • Dua Ali Shah
    Dua Ali Shah 21 days ago+304

    Only zara 🔥🔥🔥😍 damn she is looking hell pretty 😍 she don’t need to expose her body for attention ❤️👌

  • Mh K
    Mh K 21 days ago+286

    Zara deservs to do the lead role. Proud of you Zara noor. Decent elegant lady 💖

  • Farzana Mubashar
    Farzana Mubashar 1 months ago+918

    Poray libaas mein bhi insaan bohat khoobsurat dikh skta he..like Zara noor😍

  • Faizan Ali
    Faizan Ali 28 days ago+218

    Shukr hy Song Trending mein aaGyaa...deserve tht👇👇👇

  • Hafiz Younus
    Hafiz Younus 3 days ago+9

    Zara is great actress and she is so preety 😍😍and i also like maya ali bcz she is much beautiful than zara her steps are vry soft and gorgious😍😘😘😘

  • Isma Javed
    Isma Javed 21 days ago+142

    Black pent coat mai jo boy hai us k expression aur dance zabardast hai aur main lead se zyada handsome hai....aur zara u r best with fully covered dress.

  • Raza Maan
    Raza Maan 21 days ago+228

    Pakistani movie mei phli dafa aysa koe song aya hai jis ka music bht mazay ka hai.
    Zabardast yar #hayedill

  • rock star
    rock star 28 days ago+182

    Boy in black pant coat is so handsome man
    Best moments of the whole song
    1:14 zaraz expressions
    1:42 boy'z expressions
    And the clap ones

  • The Art of Life
    The Art of Life 21 days ago+60

    First of all Zara nailed in her full dress.. And the boy shahbaz in black coat is crush type..

  • KdramaShip
    KdramaShip 14 days ago+63

    why they gave so little screen space to zara? I LOVE HER & SHE DANCES WELL ❤❤

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad 14 days ago+87

    Zara deserves better, not a background dancer role.

  • Faree Patel
    Faree Patel 1 months ago+480

    We should appreciate Zara Noor for wearing full dress 😍 Masha Allah she is looking pretty 😍

  • Rida Awan
    Rida Awan 28 days ago+109

    The only one who is looking fabulous is Zara Noor Abbas

  • AB Vlogs
    AB Vlogs 28 days ago+93

    Zara Abbas proved that half dress is not a attractive... Here every one fan of Zara Abbas full dress ❤️

  • Khadija masood
    Khadija masood 21 days ago+38

    The man in BLACK SUIT catches everyoneS attention ... i mean WhaT a guy What a guy :D Not just MOVE but the EXPRESSION/Look he gave to Maya & he had done this only in 2 Seconds . (1:41 - 1:42) Nail Hit ....

  • Maliha Fatima
    Maliha Fatima 28 days ago+34

    Guy in black dress .. Ahm ahm ... :-P

  • Acha Bacha
    Acha Bacha 28 days ago+92

    Look girls.
    Zara is saying u can look better even in full dress...
    In this video Maya Ali looking so beautiful.
    But Zara stole everyone's attraction..