Big Announcement | Old Spice

  • Published on:  6/5/2018
  • “I solemnly swear to never see a film so desirably luxurious and exquisite in all my life ever again. And by watching this film I am upon to herewith contractually obligated to take the message presented before me to the deep recesses of my heart, where I will process it and learn through a ceaseless study of the material that this is indeed an Old Spice commercial I should pay attention to or die trying. This is a legally binding contract written up by lawyers and it is very real and I am in a capacity to understand that and if I don’t I will die.”


  • LeLazyOne
    LeLazyOne a years ago+108

    when old spice makes an announcement, i stop whatever i do to watch it

  • King of Roses
    King of Roses a years ago+24

    S w a n
    D i v e

  • WyattEarpTV
    WyattEarpTV a years ago+35


  • CircaSriYak
    CircaSriYak a years ago+23

    I T S R E F R E S H I N G

  • ShadowRyder
    ShadowRyder a years ago+8

    The description makes this better

  • Jihadi Jeff
    Jihadi Jeff a years ago+9

    My goal is to have a body like an Old Spice model
    My dream is to one day be an Old Spice model.......
    Everyday I inject Old Spice into my cerebral cortex to BECOME Old Spice

  • CircaSriYak
    CircaSriYak a years ago+12

    Small announcement New Spice

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P a years ago+6

    I never want to see a thumbnail of an armpit ever again.

  • Rammy Boi
    Rammy Boi a years ago+5

    He certainly found that quickly.

  • Ben John
    Ben John a years ago+3

    He found that quickly enough. I was hoping for a feture length film. A little disappointed but it was still good nonetheless.

  • Chimer's Corner
    Chimer's Corner a years ago+5

    Never change old spice. Never change.

  • Jeroen
    Jeroen a years ago+4

    0:27 "Pump spray" quite gay

  • MitchManEXE
    MitchManEXE a years ago+4

    Nice Description as always

  • dangerouslytalented
    dangerouslytalented a years ago+2

    Flagship. Finally, a state of being.

  • Fuzzy Munky
    Fuzzy Munky a years ago+2

    FLAGSHIP😋🤤new smell

  • Timothys-Fraud! The_Viktor_Main

    P E R F C T I O N

  • Loiuzein Allieran
    Loiuzein Allieran a years ago+3

    crap, i'm french now

  • Bootleg Jacques
    Bootleg Jacques a years ago+2


  • Segab
    Segab a years ago+1

    new S M E L L

  • Apple PS4
    Apple PS4 a years ago+6

    New scent