Even Apple doesn't care about the iPhone Xs...

  • Published on:  10/17/2018
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  • RattyCZ
    RattyCZ 2 months ago+806

    Just imagine Apple selling a piece of aluminium for 1000$
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • DaEpikDuck
    DaEpikDuck 5 months ago+2003

    I don't use apple or android
    we all know it's about the TI-84 plus calculator
    Oh god thanks for the 100 likes pleas don't break the like button

  • Anon
    Anon 28 days ago+119

    Ya'll aren't on the level of tweeting from your samsung fridge and it shows

  • DerSchlingel 45
    DerSchlingel 45 4 months ago+508

    Apple has become just like beats.
    An overpriced Status Symbol

  • Arvin Medina
    Arvin Medina 10 months ago+1566

    Apple's AI: hmmm, this kid needs more teeth on her teeth

  • Mark Can Build It
    Mark Can Build It 5 months ago+513

    Steve Jobs "I want to put a ding i the universe"
    Tim Cook "I want to put a ding in peoples bank account"

    FEARxREAPERR FEAR 5 months ago+518

    U really know when a phone is overpriced when you can buy a Apple MacBook for a Price of a iPhone Xs

  • Azhuma Hatori
    Azhuma Hatori 2 months ago +83

    "Apples manage to add a couple extra teeth to my daughter's smile"
    Omg im dying XD

  • General Ocean
    General Ocean 6 months ago+294

    $1,500 for a Phone? I could finally get my dream pc setup with that money! Maybe I could put in my own money for the table, but that’s still way more than a phone!

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin 10 months ago+1679

    You forgot about no fast charging for $1449 Linus.

  • InsertFacepalmEmoji
    InsertFacepalmEmoji 5 months ago+170

    Everyone says iPhone is worse because of small screen and a lot other bullshit
    I have only one reason We can install Hentai Game on Android

  • XXsiegexgangXX 1
    XXsiegexgangXX 1 5 months ago+96

    I mean i think the best part is the headphone jack

  • Super arms
    Super arms 5 months ago+763

    am i the only one who loves people dissing apple .

  • Antique Story
    Antique Story 6 months ago+315

    Don't know about you but I bought a Galaxy S9+ this year, switched from Apple and I am happy.

  • Adzalonie
    Adzalonie 10 months ago+4131

    iPhone excess. That’s how you type it.

  • Ana Belloc
    Ana Belloc 4 months ago+263

    I had the iphone 6s for 4 years and switched to the Samsung s8, I have no regrets. There's no way I'm paying for a flagship that's over 1000 and with no real improvements

  • Justin Peton
    Justin Peton 5 months ago+99

    @10:13 extra teeth made my day

  • unOriginal Gaming
    unOriginal Gaming 1 months ago+23

    Apple treat customers like User
    Android treat customers like Admin
    Nuff said

  • Mohammed Azzoz
    Mohammed Azzoz 4 months ago+32

    3 years later and I'm still enjoying my oneplus 3 😂

  • Jtzkb
    Jtzkb 8 months ago+1617

    I will never understand spending $1,500 on a phone. I can build a computer for that much money.