High School Musical 3 - Just Wanna Be with You (Sharpay Version) Lyrics 1080pHD

  • Published on:  2/15/2016
  • High School Musical 3 - Just Wanna Be with You (Sharpay Version) Lyrics 1080pHD


  • K Nicky
    K Nicky 10 months ago+960

    This is kinda messed up. Sharpay had a chance to perform in front of freaking Juliard judges (and probably wanted the scholarship the most) and everyone just kept messing with her. Screw everyone, man. Sharpay’s the real victim here.

  • The Babadook
    The Babadook a years ago+914

    So your telling me that troys punk ass just left and didn't tell anybody,just so he can visit his girlfriend,which is something he could do when there isn't a play going on,which results in sharpay getting embarrassed in front of hundreds of people

  • eleanor shellstrop
    eleanor shellstrop a years ago+2548


  • Bryan Olivieri
    Bryan Olivieri 2 years ago+2706

    they did her so dirty

  • meggomyeggo
    meggomyeggo 2 years ago+8141

    Another example as to why sharpay was the real victim in high school musical

  • Jennyrom14
    Jennyrom14 2 years ago+2156

    We love to hate her, but we all really love her. Sharpay was always my favorite

  • Rafael Jarlos
    Rafael Jarlos a years ago+2701

    If Jimmy didn't come, who knew how many "miles" Sharpay would have sung

  • Bernardo Eufrs
    Bernardo Eufrs a years ago+1884

    Makes me quite sad that Sharpay NEVER really get things right because of others, she's such the absolute star of this movie. I would have absolutely loved to have all of the songs sang the right way.

  • sara
    sara a years ago+4706

    This scene pissed me off so much, I'm sorry but Sharpay deserved to do this scene right. Gabrielle didn't even want to go in entertainment. Sharpay got wronged so much in these movies.

  • P L
    P L 10 months ago+266

    Always felt bad for sharpay. Troy and Gabriella’s selfishness cost her Julliard, and instead made her go to an average in state school despite her talent and everything she worked for. Sure it’s fiction but the everyday victims are often overlooked.

  • butterfly2847
    butterfly2847 2 years ago+3339


  • Ryan Rivera
    Ryan Rivera 2 years ago+929

    She followed Kelsi's composition for once in the series and actually performed well without the extravagant background people and effects. But she didn't get to sing with Troy.

  • yoonafan1
    yoonafan1 3 years ago+4138

    oh cmon troy and gabriella are boring sharpay was always better

  • Regina clementson
    Regina clementson a years ago+4979

    They really did Sharpay some serious injustice. She works hard on all her performances and Troy and Gabriella have to do some selfish thing to ruin it. Yes she can be mean and pushy something but let's face reality, if we don't do that we'll never get where we wanna be

  • Euniece Harris
    Euniece Harris 2 years ago+2759

    I just want to know this. What school system has the budget to give to this school to have all this extravagant sets designs, costumes, and music?

  • Toxic Kisses
    Toxic Kisses a years ago+1006

    Gabriella is the princess, but Sharpay is the queen!

  • Ninnetta Bellifemine
    Ninnetta Bellifemine 3 years ago+2038

    I dont know why people always prefer Troy and Gabriella performances, i mean she is ns Gorgeaus , and different i love her performing.. SHE IS MA GIRL

  • I Am A Parakeet That Draws

    Literally nobody talked about how if he had shown up in time Sharpay could have gotten into Juilliard

  • takakunii
    takakunii 2 years ago+1692

    2:04 that little girl in the audience looked like she wanted to die.

  • emilyanne films
    emilyanne films 11 months ago+91

    Why couldn't have they just let Sharpay have her moment? She just wanted to show Julliard who she is an impress them but her moment was once again ruined.