All I wanna do is make love to you - the notebook

  • Published on:  1/18/2008
  • A really sucky version, I did it in 10 minutes. But it''s fun..I own nothing:D


  • Suzana Andrade
    Suzana Andrade 10 months ago+33

    This is so similar to my love story. I met my hubby when I was 18yrs. We separate suddenly due to circumstances but he came back into my life because he couldn't live and I was so much in his heart and mind. . He came searching for me in my college. Of course we did not make love before. I am married having a child .I Thank God because of blessings us with such a beautiful feeling of Love which is so different from liking some one. I love this movie and watched it so many times.

  • Empress Lastimoso
    Empress Lastimoso 2 years ago+13

    i miss him so much oh god.i love u each day of mylife.and i dont giveup ourlove baby.thats a promise i keep and stand it

  • Cherelyn Otamias
    Cherelyn Otamias 2 years ago+11

    It's good to make love with someone you love most.

  • Connie Borg
    Connie Borg 2 years ago+24

    I have found my soul mate can't wait to be your wife some day love you so much Curtis

  • Sabin Sabin O
    Sabin Sabin O 2 years ago

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  • Roseline Fuata
    Roseline Fuata 4 years ago+6

    I really like this cannot buy true love....just like I'm in the movie...I love love love ds. ..

  • Luz Queen
    Luz Queen 4 years ago+6

    Okay, I´m just arriving... get ready...jajaja.

  • Marcos Nino
    Marcos Nino 5 years ago+5

    One of the sweetest songs, beautiful

  • rose catagas
    rose catagas 4 years ago+3

    I truly love this song , it will go to the one I love

  • macivoy
    macivoy 5 years ago+4

    Beautiful video I love it ...!

  • keluci1
    keluci1 5 years ago+3

    All I wanna do is make love to you..............Ponirouli mouuuuu !!

  • SuperSalamandra1
    SuperSalamandra1 5 years ago+19

    He brought the woman out of me
    so many times easily

  • Sally Adlawan I LOVE YOU TOO

    Im so excited to see u babe❤❤❤

  • Gina Cangin
    Gina Cangin 5 years ago+8

    I love it, this movie was awesome!

  • Mark Olde Heuvel
    Mark Olde Heuvel 2 years ago+3

    I'm in love with someone, she did send me this video on Messenger! 😀😍😍
    Love U Paula

  • Jamie L Sowders
    Jamie L Sowders 2 years ago+44

    My beautiful wife the love of my life forever,we love the notebook songs and movie Awesome:-) thank you for watching we wish everyone to find your soulmate like we have,:-):-)

  • Endy Irwanto6
    Endy Irwanto6 5 years ago

    Nice the song's

  • GLM Entertainment
    GLM Entertainment 5 years ago

    Thats realy Hard.....

  • okinawalander
    okinawalander 5 years ago

    to the only man i luv most,James Fleming,all i wanna do is make luv to u,bebee..i luv u so much Dadee J...

  • Lippy Allan
    Lippy Allan 5 years ago

    always remember you