Prophecy Alert: "Russian President Putin" Will He Strike Back?

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • also "Will Russian President Vladimir Putin Strike Back" also also also also also also also also also


  • Linda Tucker
    Linda Tucker 10 months ago+20

    What ever is God's will, will be done for God is in full control

  • Shaunna Long
    Shaunna Long 10 months ago+12

    Paul YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT THOSE SOLDIERS WHO WERE KILLED!! In the Russian plane they were people who should not be ignored And pray for them , I LOVE YA

  • Michelle Alexander-Nolin
    Michelle Alexander-Nolin 10 months ago+7

    He should shoot Syria down 🌹 They are testing him. DONT TEST THIS MAN❤🙏😇🌹I think Syria is scandalous!🙏I'm. So sorry Putin lost his men, God bless their families 🙏😇🌹🌸

  • Órelindë Fëfalas
    Órelindë Fëfalas 10 months ago+3

    Phil. 4:6
    Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer
    and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests
    be made known unto God.

  • stanpev
    stanpev 10 months ago+3

    I want to thank Mr Putin, which I called for doing nothing for the servicemen who was killed, but Mr Putin would not like to kill Billions of people for 15 Russians. That is man who is a man of God. God bless mr Putin

  • maza HIGGIE
    maza HIGGIE 10 months ago+2

    I WANT TO BE SAVED!!!! Saved by our lord Jesus our Lord. Xx

  • FarOutWatchTower
    FarOutWatchTower 10 months ago+2

    Soon...🤔Ezekiel 39 🌪⛈🙏🏾🙏🏻🙏🏿❣️❤️❤️❤️

  • Shaunna Long
    Shaunna Long 10 months ago+9

    We should!!be mourning the DEATH in chat !!,NOT LAYING BLAME!! Come on listen to yourselfs in chat people !! Act like PRO life people christans

  • B Kehinde
    B Kehinde 10 months ago+2

    WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS.= THE WORD.🙌📖👏🌹😁 Keep up the good work Paul.👍

  • Timothy Furr
    Timothy Furr 10 months ago+5

    Another channel said, the third temples construction is under way today. Is this true pastor Paul?

  • Linda Tucker
    Linda Tucker 10 months ago

    JUST as you mentioned 717 i glansed at the clock it said 717 wow

  • Audrey Kennedy
    Audrey Kennedy 10 months ago+1

    So much important information Pastor Paul!!Thsnk you and God bless you !!

  • Michael R. Molina
    Michael R. Molina 10 months ago

    Listed below is what I perceive to be the end time program. Hope it helps!

  • Cat 777
    Cat 777 10 months ago

    Won’t be long before Russia kicks off . Going to get messy!

  • BLAZEz music
    BLAZEz music 10 months ago+9

    Well to be honest is approved that prophecy of the Holy Bible is true alive everybody can save not by yourself with your families with your friends with your enemies with Jesus Christ our Lord and savior that God had made his begotten son to come down and clean our sins away

  • Kimberly Harrie
    Kimberly Harrie 10 months ago

    who did they get the anti air force miscles

  • Michael R. Molina
    Michael R. Molina 10 months ago

    Sign of Revelation 12, Sept. 23, 2017------>Gog of Magog----->Rapture, Serpent's FLOOD---------1260 days, GREAT earthquake.

  • Sonic PixelGears
    Sonic PixelGears 10 months ago

    Soooo... Putin sales a bunch of AA systems to Syria and doesn't train them how to operate them beyond slapping the launch button as they scream a"li akbur!"
    ...and he dares to blame Israel?!?
    Anyway, answer for the question: ,we turn Moscow to glass, da.

  • Marian Jean
    Marian Jean 10 months ago

    Soros is ultimately behind the delay in the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

  • Angie W
    Angie W 10 months ago

    Putin looks so heartbreakingly sad in the thumbnail picture!